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Emotional Stress and Your Patients’ Gut Health

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Today’s society seems ever-focused on the high—high tech, high speed, and high stress, that is. Stress permeates all areas of life: job (or frustration with unemployment), finances, family, daily commute, even sleep. All of these areas affect your patients’ emotional state, which directly affects their gut and digestive system… Read More »

Human Response Patterns to Stress: Paths to Adrenal Fatigue

Written by James L. Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Many of my patients who suffered from the effects of adrenal fatigue and chronic stress often asked: “How did I end up this way?” The descriptions given below are snapshots of the most common patterns of adrenal fatigue I have seen clinically over the past twenty-four years.… Read More »

The Magnificent Immune System: A Refresher

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD The human immune system is a magnificent and well-coordinated network of cells, organs, glands, and physiological processes. Nearly every cell, organ and tissue in the body is involved either directly or indirectly in the immune process. From the outside in, the skin and mucous membranes offer the first line… Read More »

How to Build Your Own Stress and Adrenal Fatigue Healthcare Practice by Dr. Wilson

Curious about building your own adrenal fatigue practice? James L. Wilson, ND, PhD – an expert in alternative medicine for over 35 years – provides an easy step-by-step guide on how to build a practice that’s oriented towards treating adrenal fatigue and stress-related illnesses. In this presentation by James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD, you will… Read More »

Cortisol and HPA Axis Function in Major Depression

Written by James L. Wilson, DC, ND, PhD The World Health Organization lists depression as one of the leading causes of disability worldwide.[i] It is well known that stress can precipitate major depression and influences its incidence, severity and course[ii]. It is also known that many of the features of major depression potentially reflect dysregulation of… Read More »

To Salt or Not to Salt?

Written by James L. Wilson, DC, ND, PhD. Republished with permission from AdrenalFatigue.org Are your patients confused about salt? Worried because the media and medicine appear to unanimously suggest that each shake of a salt shaker drives a nail into the coffin? Do they crave salt or feel better when adding it to their food? If so,… Read More »

Cortisol Regulation (an Overview)

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD   Cortisol is responsible for many life-sustaining functions. Although cortisol is secreted by the zona fasciculata in the adrenal glands, it is regulated primarily by the brain. The amount of cortisol circulating at any particular moment is regulated by a complex interaction between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and… Read More »

Autoimmunity, Inflammation and Adrenal Function

Written by Erik Bakker, ND. Republished with permission from Dr. James Wilson and AdrenalFatigue.org   Many people see inflammation as a disease process, but inflammation is a natural response of the body’s immune system—a process that brings the necessary resources required to a specific area to fight an infection or heal an injury. However, an unneeded… Read More »

A Clinical Approach to Adrenal Fatigue (Webinar On-Demand) by Dr. Wilson

To watch Dr. Wilson’s on-demand webinar, just click the video image below and register to receive the password.     In this presentation by James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD, you will learn: The role of the adrenal glands in stress The role of adrenal steroid hormones and their -relationship to various health conditions The proper diagnosis of… Read More »

General Adaptation Syndrome: When Stress Takes Over

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Stress can be a real killer. How do we learn to deal with it in a healthy way? To answer that, first let us look at general adaptation syndrome and the role the adrenal glands and their hormones play in activating it. General adaptation syndrome is the pattern of… Read More »

Much Ado About Aldosterone: Electrolyte Imbalance & Salt Cravings

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD As a reminder, Aldosterone is responsible for maintaining fluid (water) and the concentration of certain minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride) in the blood, the interstitial fluid (area between the cells) and inside the cells. Sodium is most dominant in the blood and potassium is most concentrated inside cells.… Read More »

Interpreting Cortisol Lab Tests in Adrenal Fatigue

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Steroid hormones occur in more than one form in the body, but most lab tests only measure one. This scenario further complicates the problem of proper interpretation of lab data related to adrenal fatigue diagnostics. Cortisol, for example, takes on three forms in the blood: 1) Free, unattached to… Read More »