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Vitamin C and its Importance to Patient Health

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Vitamin C has long been recognized as vital to the defense against colds and flu and immune system support. In fact, vitamin C is one of the most versatile vitamins, offering benefits to many functions in the human body. Here are just some of the clinical applications of vitamin C.… Read More »

Webinar: Integrative EMR Technology Fosters Practice Growth

5 Ways Integrative EMR Technology Can Foster Practice Growth Join Adam Puttkammer, President of Power2Practice, as he discusses ways you can use EMR technology to make you, your staff, and your patients happier. Listen to/watch the recording below, and download the slides by clicking here. During this webinar, you will learn: How to improve patient acquisition… Read More »

Electronic Medical Records: Pros and Cons of EMR Systems

A complete EMR software solution for your functional medicine practice is within reach. Most functional and integrative practitioners are not fully informed about the advantages and disadvantages of EMR systems when choosing software for their practice. Along with the federal mandates that require digitizing of a practice’s workflow, there is a demand for speed and… Read More »

Webinar: Developing YOUR Business Plan

Developing Your Business Plan Join Dr. Daniel Kalish as he discusses developing a business plan for a functional or integrative medicine practice. Listen to/watch the recording below, and download the slides by clicking here. During this webinar, you will learn: How to create a successful practice while finding balance in your personal life. The practitioner, your… Read More »

5 Steps to Acquire Powerful Patient Reviews

The Internet is an influential global network that provides seemingly limitless information at users’ fingertips. A 2013 PewResearch report found 72% of adult Internet users have looked online for health information. From searching for facts on various conditions and treatments to seeking emotional support for a chronic medical illness, patients no longer rely on information… Read More »

Webinar: HPA Axis, Cortisol and Depression

HPA Axis, Cortisol and Depression James L. Wilson ND, PhD, discusses the frequent but often overlooked role of the HPA axis, particularly cortisol levels, in different types of depression. Listen to/watch the recording below, and download the slides by clicking here. During this webinar, you will learn about: Types of depression seen in major depressive… Read More »

10 Ways to Create A+ Patient/Provider Relationships

There is one thing that the most successful practices have in common: a group of engaged patients who enthusiastically talk about their experiences among friends, family and social networks. Tweaking just a few customer service habits could lead to better patient relationships and help you acquire more patients. Here are 10 simple ways to continue… Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Optimize Revenue Potential

Over the last couple of years, treatments like IV therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) have experienced tremendous growth, presenting many fresh revenue opportunities for practices. New service offerings are undoubtedly exciting to launch, but before making significant changes in staff or treatments, it is a good idea to look at optimizing the revenue… Read More »

8 Fibers Your Patients Need for Good Gut Health

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Fiber is often thought of as some blah-tasting uniform mass you have to choke down just for regularity’s sake. Truth is, there are many different kinds of fibers, and an assortment is necessary for good health. Your patients need insoluble fibers, which bulk up and soften stools to maintain… Read More »

Emotional Stress and Your Patients’ Gut Health

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Today’s society seems ever-focused on the high—high tech, high speed, and high stress, that is. Stress permeates all areas of life: job (or frustration with unemployment), finances, family, daily commute, even sleep. All of these areas affect your patients’ emotional state, which directly affects their gut and digestive system… Read More »