Electronic Medical Records: Pros and Cons of EMR Systems

A complete EMR software solution for your functional medicine practice is within reach.

Most functional and integrative practitioners are not fully informed about the advantages and disadvantages of EMR systems when choosing software for their practice. Along with the federal mandates that require digitizing of a practice’s workflow, there is a demand for speed and efficiency for practitioners, staff, and patients.

What are the most significant features you consider when choosing the right EMR software for your practice? Read on to learn more!

The Pros of Using the Right EMR Software

1. Ensure compliance and have the flexibility to work anywhere.

EMR platforms are built specifically for HIPAA-compliance and regularly receive software updates to stay compliant as regulations change.

Plus, when your patient data is stored electronically on the cloud, you can access it from any location with an internet connection. This means you can see a patient at any of your offices or spend time outside of the office reviewing patient charts in preparation for an appointment.

2. Streamline communication.

An EMR allows you to better communicate within your office and to your patient base at large.

For you and your staff, the integrated communication features will give you the ability to message one another with reminders and share patient information discreetly.

For patients, an EMR can automate appointment reminders and confirmations, improving your cancellation and reschedule rates. A patient portal will house all pertinent health information for your patient, and give them the ability to message your team, rather than tie your team down to a steady stream of phone calls throughout the day.

3. Increase the accuracy of coding and billing.

With the cost of healthcare always rising, medical practices everywhere are looking to create an office workflow that is more cost efficient. Though a key benefit of having an EMR is the physical space you save in your office, there is also the benefit of a fully integrated system that simplifies billing and coding. By transferring all of your data to your billing system, you can make front office workflow more productive.

Your staff will greatly appreciate EMR training in exchange for not having to enter data into two different systems ever again, especially if they can easily scan and upload all referrals and consent forms to make readily available to anyone with access to the system.

4. Provide better service to your patients.

An effective EMR platform allows you to spend more meaningful time with your patients during a visit. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a patient’s medical history, lab results, current treatment plan, and previous medical notes at your fingertips.

Likewise, your office staff will be able to provide better customer service to your patients by handling billing, scheduling, ordering, and other key front office functions all in one system.

5. Chart and order the services relevant to you.

Choosing an EMR platform aligned with your practice offerings can help you save time and enhance patient care. Take specialty labs as an example. Having an EMR that integrates with top specialty labs in the industry will decrease the time it takes to create lab requisitions. Plus, you and your staff will no longer need to open a separate system to view results, or spend the time scanning them into the chart.

And that’s just one example. A functional- or integrative-specific EMR can also give you the tools to chart services like IV therapy, aesthetics, weight loss, and supplements, as well as give you the capability to order custom compounds and create unique note templates specific to your practice.

The Cons of Choosing the Wrong EMR Software

1. Dedicating Time to EMR Training

No advancement in technology or operational changes has ever been met without some resistance. As with many other aspects of life, completely changing the way you work can be difficult to get accustomed to without the proper training.

Many times when physicians and healthcare professionals are disappointed with their EMR software, it is because they chose software that wasn’t fully designed for their particular field of medicine. When it comes to functional, anti-aging and integrative medicine, your practice needs a software program that is fully flexible for your office’s workflow and lifestyle-based treatment.

When researching electronic medical records pros and cons, you must consider how easy navigation is on each interface and how easy it will be for patients to use the patient portal.

The time needed to invest in EMR training of a full staff can make the task seem daunting. However, the more time you invest in EMR training, the more you can be assured that the workflow optimization your practice achieves will be completely worth it.

With an EMR like Power2Practice, you are offered all the resources you need to learn how to efficiently use the software, including a Customer Success Manager who works with your practice personally to train you on the software and a robust training center dedicated to videos that break down each module and all the steps you need to know to navigate through the system.

2. Safety Issues Concerning Electronic Medical Records

One of the downsides of modern technology can be the ease of access to sensitive information on the web. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of private information being disseminated through the web because of hazardous internet habits, whether it is through failure of staff training or unsafe software practices. There is also the more recent issue of people hacking into healthcare systems, which is why it is recommended that your EMR software uses a cloud-based system. Using a cloud-based system with Tier-4 security is the best way you can have access to your patient’s information from any device with internet access.

Another major safety concern is the loss of data that can happen when technical errors occur and your remote EMR software does not have the information backed up. While you analyze EMR pros and cons, you must always give priority to risks of privacy issues and identity theft.

The Benefits of Choosing Power2Practice

At Power2Practice, we offer all the EMR capabilities you expect, plus the specialized features you need to run your practice efficiently. We are one of the few EMR systems specifically designed to meet the needs of functional, anti-aging, and integrative practitioners. Power2Practice offers modules like IV therapy, supplements, custom compounding, specialty labs, and image charting to help you chart better.

Power2Practice pinpoints growth opportunities and expands your staff efficiency so you can work smarter. Our customizable front office helps your practice run smoothly; smart features make it easy to see what needs to get done when, including color-coded appointments and discreet alerts to remind you and your staff of unfinished tasks.

We can also help make your business more profitable by increasing your earnings, streamlining savings, and keeping your books full. We offer features such as automated appointment reminders and confirmations, integrated billing with QuickBooks and SwervePay, and access to group purchasing discounts through Medline and Provista. An EMR software with simplified access to your fee schedules, invoices, and superbills is necessary when trying to optimize your front office operations. Power2Practice can also help facilitate data entry when dealing with ICD-10 coding, in return, enabling for quicker reimbursements.

In addition to providing a platform for better analysis of your patient’s lifestyle, the Power2Practice software helps your patients stay connected and engaged through a lifestyle-based patient portal. Through the portal, your patients can learn more about their particular health conditions, request refills, order supplements, request an appointment and message your office, among many other features.


That’s just the beginning of the capabilities of the Power2Practice EMR and practice management system.

To learn more about the benefits of Power2Practice, schedule your call today!