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Interpreting Cortisol Lab Tests in Adrenal Fatigue

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD Steroid hormones occur in more than one form in the body, but most lab tests only measure one. This scenario further complicates the problem of proper interpretation of lab data related to adrenal fatigue diagnostics. Cortisol, for example, takes on three forms in the blood: 1) Free, unattached to… Read More »

The Role of DHEA in Adrenal Fatigue & Loss of Libido

By James Wilson, DC, ND, PhD DHEA is one of the androgen hormones secreted by the adrenal glands and is the precursor to several other sex hormones. During adrenal fatigue, DHEA levels often become depressed. A saliva test can determine whether a patient’s DHEA levels are below normal. I usually recommend measuring DHEA-S levels with the saliva… Read More »