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14 Resources You Need to Succeed in Functional & Integrative Medicine

Functional and integrative medicine are two medical disciplines focused on treating the root cause of disease and on patient-centered care. They are driven by physicians who are frustrated with the conventional medicine model that delivers a pill for every ill, and by patients who are quite literally sick and tired of being sick and tired.… Read More »

November Webinar Recording: IV Nutrient Therapy for the Physician Office 101

Listen to/watch the recording below. Click here to download the presentation slides. During this 45-minute webinar, Dr. Paul Savage discusses: Why IV Nutrients in the outpatient setting? What are the most common nutrient IV additives and their indications? How do I implement this modality in my practice? Webinar Recorded:November 15, 2017 Hosted by Power2Practice — a unique EMR,… Read More »

Webinar Recording: The Critical Role of Adrenal Hormones in Immunity

WEBINAR Recording: The Critical Role of Adrenal Hormones in Immunity with Dr. James L. Wilson James L. Wilson, ND, PhD has designed an exciting presentation to help the practicing physician better understand the interactions between steroid hormones and the immune system. He combines his expertise in cellular immunology with 35 years of clinical experience to… Read More »

PODCAST: A Functional Approach to Anxiety

by Jim Paoletti, BS Pharmacy, FAARM, FIACP In this 10-minute podcast, Jim Paoletti discusses natural treatment options for patients with anxiety from a Functional Medicine perspective.  Click the arrow below to listen…    Jim Paoletti, BS Pharmacy, FAARFM, FIACP, has over 30 years of experience creating and using bio-identical hormone therapies in both retail pharmacy and… Read More »

August Webinar Recording: Nutz and Boltz of BHT – Male Case Studies

WEBINAR RECORDING: Nutz and Boltz of BHT – Male Case Studies with Paul Savage, MD Listen to/watch the recording below and click here to download the webinar handout. Join Power2Practice and Dr. Paul Savage for an hour-long webinar on the nutz and boltz of BHT presented with male case studies including patient presentations, inital treatments,… Read More »

July Webinar Recording: Innovations in the Treatment of Pain

Listen to/watch the recording below and click here to download the webinar handout. Download Dr. Swidan’s compounded topical pain relief formulations here! During this webinar, Dr. Swidan covered topics such as: Literature review on integrative treatments in pain management.  Underlying physiologic processes in a Functional Medicine approach, along with case studies.  Neuro-endocrine-immune dysregulation caused by opioids and chronic… Read More »

Suzanne Somers Advocates for Insurance to Cover Integrative Care!

Suzanne Somers is an iconic figure in America, best known for her blond bombshell roles in TV shows such as “Step by Step” and “Three’s Company.” But, did you know that she is now a tireless health advocate and that she has authored 27 books on natural health topics? After battling breast cancer using a… Read More »

Integrative Weight Loss Strategies

by Jim Paoletti, BS Pharmacy, FAARM, FIACP – Director of Education | Power2Practice     We all have patients who want to lose weight. Although surprising, some of them are still trying to reduce fat in their diet instead of sugar and sugar producing starches. Here is a simple bullet list that I use to explain sugar to patients: Food manufacturers… Read More »

Wearable Health Trackers – an IM Doctor’s New Best Friend

How many of your patients use wearable fitness/health trackers? According to the research firm, eMarketer, approximately 39.5 million U.S. adults used wearable fitness trackers in 2015, a 57.7% lift over 2014. The same firm predicted that at least two in five Internet users would don wearable trackers by 2019. Impressive!   Why the wearables craze?… Read More »

Add or Enhance IV Nutrient Therapies in Your Practice

Do you offer, or have you considered offering IV Nutrient Therapies in your practice? Because certain disease states reduce the capacity of nutrients to get in (and stay in) cells—where they are needed the most—oral nutrient administration may not be effective. For these patients, intravenous nutrient administration is the best way to achieve therapeutic nutrient concentrations.… Read More »