14 Resources You Need to Succeed in Functional & Integrative Medicine

Functional and integrative medicine are two medical disciplines focused on treating the root cause of disease and on patient-centered care. They are driven by physicians who are frustrated with the conventional medicine model that delivers a pill for every ill, and by patients who are quite literally sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Power2Practice firmly believes the future of healthcare is functional and integrative medicine. To that end, we are committed to developing innovative solutions and securing vital partnerships to help them become the standard of care.

Check out the following 14 incredible functional and integrative medicine resources both Power2Practice and the practitioners on our system rely on to be successful in these growing and influential fields!

Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG)

AMMG provides evidence-based continuing education on age management medicine to practitioners, researchers, and medical associations through conferences, workshops, publications, seminars, and web media. They believe in preserving optimum human function and quality of life through proactive, preventative medicine strategies.



American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) & Metabolic Medicine Institute (MMI)

A4M is a non-profit organization that provides educational workshops, certifications, and fellowships in topics related to preventative and anti-aging medicine, keeping their attendees informed of the latest medical therapies and protocols. MMI is a branch of A4M that provides advanced medical education to practitioners and health professionals on topics ranging from brain fitness and nutrition to cancer and stem cell therapies.



Doctor’s Data

Doctor’s Data is a state-of-the-art, CLIA-licensed clinical laboratory that partners with functional and integrative practitioners to aid in decision-making and improved patient outcomes. They specialize in innovative testing that assesses heavy metal burden, nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular risk, and so much more!

Doctor’s Data integrates into the P2P platform, allowing practitioners to customize panels and track trends over time.




Ebix is a leading international supplier of on-demand software and e-commerce services to the insurance, financial, and healthcare industries. Their goal is to become the world’s premier back-end powerhouse of insurance transactions.




Fullscript is the #1 online dispensary that gives practitioner free access to the industry’s largest catalog of nutraceutical products—a collection of over 23,000 supplements from over 300 brands. Practitioners then prescribe supplements to their patients through their personalized store, eliminating the need for physical inventory.

Fullscript powers Nutraceuticals Direct, the virtual dispensary built into the Power2Practice platform. With Nutraceuticals Direct, practitioners prescribe supplements inside the patient chart directly and earn commission on every sale.



Genova Diagnostics

Genova is a global, CLIA-certified, clinical laboratory that provides diagnostic assessments for gastrointestinal, immune, endocrine, environmental and nutritional health, as well as genomics. Their goal is to provide timely, accurate, and dependable test results to their clients in all 50 states and around the world.

Genova Diagnostics integrates into the Power2Practice platform. You can save time by storing customized panels and receiving lab results through our software. Plus, you can equip patients to view results online through their patient portal.



Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

IFM is the only Functional Medicine organization accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). They provide education, training, and clinical practice in the field of functional medicine globally and are led by a diverse group of educators with expertise in the microbiome, nutrition, genomics, and lifestyle as medicine.




Medline is the largest privately-held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products, services and solutions. Their goal is to serve the continuum of care from healthcare system to the end user.

Power2Practice leverages the purchasing power of 1,000+ P2P clients to negotiate significant discounts on nearly everything your practice purchases, including supplies, devices, furniture, utilities, and more through Medline.



Precision Analytical

Precision Analytical is a CLIA-certified laboratory known best for their revolutionary dried urine test for comprehensive hormones— the Dutch Test. Their latest development—the Dutch Plus—offers an in-depth look at adrenal and sex hormones for a more accurate diagnosis, and ultimately, more effective treatment.

Precision Analytical tests are integrated into the P2P platform to save time during patient visits.




Provista is a supply chain management partner that connects practitioners to the best-priced healthcare supplies and services. For over 20 years, Provista has helped more than 100,000 physician practices and multi-specialty groups to reduce operational costs and streamline procurement processes.

Best of all, Power2Practice clients automatically receive access to Provista discounts with their membership!



Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics offers a wide range of innovative tests designed to help improve human health and is the world’s leading provider of diagnostic information services. Their test menu ranges from routine biological tests to complex molecular and gene-based testing.

Quest Diagnostics integrates into the P2P platform. In addition, Power2Practice practitioners also receive deep discounts on Quest labs through Provista.



SpectraCell Laboratories

SpectraCell is a clinical laboratory that specializes in micronutrient and cardiometabolic testing. They also provide state-of-the-art solutions for hormone health and genetics. They are committed to providing scientific excellence and disease prevention and management solutions, as well as outstanding customer service.

SpectraCell Laboratories integrates into the Power2Practice platform, making it easy for both practitioners to order labs and patients to view their results.




SwervePay is a cloud-based point-of-service system focused on facilitating patient payments. The system allows you to set up automated payment plans, such as for concierge medicine services, and to store credit card information for faster processing. SwervePay also allows you to track payment history and any outstanding balances.

SwervePay integrates into the Power2Practice platform to optimize the patient visit. P2P credit card processing lets you process securely and at an affordable rate!



ZRT Laboratory

ZRT Laboratory is a CLIA-certified laboratory with 20 years of experience in safe and meaningful hormone and wellness testing. They leverage the results from over eight million tests to provide education and support to the practitioners they serve. Their methods include saliva testing, blood spot testing, and dried urine testing.

ZRT Laboratory integrates into the Power2Practice platform, allowing practitioners to spend less time on admin tasks and more time providing exceptional care to their patients.




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