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June Webinar Recording: The Economic Benefits of Offering IV Therapy in Your Practice

WEBINAR RECORDING: The Economic Benefits of Offering IV Therapy in Your Practice, presented by Mitch Ghen, DO, PhD   Listen to/watch the recording below and click here to download the webinar handout.   During this webinar, Mitch Ghen, DO, PhD, expert on parenteral nutrition discussed: Determining whether or not IV nutrient therapy is the best choice for your… Read More »

Add or Enhance IV Nutrient Therapies in Your Practice

Do you offer, or have you considered offering IV Nutrient Therapies in your practice? Because certain disease states reduce the capacity of nutrients to get in (and stay in) cells—where they are needed the most—oral nutrient administration may not be effective. For these patients, intravenous nutrient administration is the best way to achieve therapeutic nutrient concentrations.… Read More »