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Content Marketing: the Key to Integrative Practice Growth

Your online presence matters. According to a 2014 study conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Americans do not think that information about the quality of health care providers is easy to come by, and they lack trust in information sources that produce such indicators1. The study showed that most Americans focus… Read More »

5 Ways to Build Your Practice’s Online Reputation

Written by the Power2Practice Education Team The Internet has completely changed the way that patients select physicians, especially for those seeking specialty or integrative care independent from insurance plans. According to a survey of 50,000 patients, 25% found their doctor online and made a decision to call based on online reviews. We believe that this… Read More »

Quick Tips for Improving Clinical Admin Workflow

There are so many details competing for your attention throughout the day. Although most of them are minor, those frequent distractions make it easy to get off-track or run behind schedule, especially in smaller independent practices. As a technology company that strives to bring greater efficiency to integrative medicine practices, we at Power2Practice know that the more organized… Read More »

6 Ways to Grow Your Practice’s Website Traffic

So, you’re excited. You’ve built the perfect website and you’re ready to start attracting more patients for your integrative medicine practice. A few weeks go by and reality begins to set in – you aren’t exactly getting the tons of attention you thought you would. It’s a situation many physicians find themselves in. It can be… Read More »

How to Build a Thriving Medical Referral Network

Would you like to build a network of thriving referral partnerships? Use these tips and suggestions below to formulate a master plan and executable checklist. First of all, focus on the right partnerships and clearly outline what’s “in it” for them—as well as for you! The goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships that last.… Read More »

How to Create Your Own Practice Newsletter

Want to generate referrals, keep patients engaged and reactivate patients that have not been in the office in a while? A well-done monthly newsletter is an effective way to keep your patients connected to you and at the top of their minds, helping to boost your practice’s long-term growth through referrals and retention. Specifically, a… Read More »

5 Ways to Empower Staff Members & Build a Cohesive Team

Medical schools do a great job of teaching clinical skills, yet many of us graduate largely unprepared for the demands of leading a practice team. Along with skilled practitioners, a practice’s success relies on having a cohesive team of professionals who not only know their role, but also feel comfortable making independent, on-the-fly decisions. Here… Read More »

7 Reasons Why Cash-Based Practices Work for Patients and Physicians

At Integrative and Functional Med practices all over the country, practitioners hear, “I wish you took my insurance,” from prospective patients on a daily basis. Many of us wish that we could! Yes, contracting with health insurance plans leads to increased patient volume, yet working with insurance companies ultimately: increases overhead costs… significantly limits the number and… Read More »

7 Tips to Making Your Own Blue Zone

Written by Alison McAllister, ND – Republished with permission from ZRT Laboratory Did you know there are 5 places in the world where your odds of living to 100 are greater than anywhere else on the planet? These regions are called “Blue Zones” and include: Sardinia (Italy) Okinawa (Japan) Loma Linda (California, Seventh-day Adventists) Nicoya (Costa Rica) Ikaria… Read More »

4 Simple Ways to Bring Wearable Trackers Into Your Practice (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

As Integrative doctors, we work within the realm of lifestyle. We know that the most successful patients with the best health outcomes are the ones who fully engage with their healthcare and are ready to establish personal awareness with the four key tenets of Integrative health: activity, diet, sleep and stress. Even when patients are… Read More »

Choose EMR Systems Designed for Functional Medicine

In a world full of mind-boggling options and alternatives in medicine and healthcare, people are looking for something that can cater to their personal needs and lifestyle. Physicians today should be able to easily communicate with efficiency and speed. With new technologies at the tips of our fingers, Power2Practice is an EHR software that provides… Read More »