6 Ways to Grow Your Practice’s Website Traffic

So, you’re excited. You’ve built the perfect website and you’re ready to start attracting more patients for your integrative medicine practice. A few weeks go by and reality begins to set in – you aren’t exactly getting the tons of attention you thought you would. It’s a situation many physicians find themselves in. It can be scary but it can also be fixed. The first way to get people interested in your company is by building a website that tells your story. Think of your website as your first impression. When you do peak someone’s interest, this is the first place they will go to find out more information about your practice, so it’s a great opportunity.

Here are six tips to help drive more people to your website and—most importantly—keep them there.


1. Establish a social media presence

Social media reigns supreme when it comes to getting your content to prospective patients in a quick and concise manner.  It is one of the cheapest and easiest ways of reaching the public, and if done right, can lead hundreds or even thousands of people to your website. When operating your social media profiles, think of the audience’s perspective. What information will make them want to click on your link? What makes them want to share your content?

2. Give them instructions

Telling your audience what you expect from them is crucial. When they visit your website, make sure it is littered with Calls-to-Action (CTAs). A CTA is aimed at driving the site visitor to request a service or more information on the benefits your practice can bring them. For example, if you offer ancillary service lines, consider adding a CTA on the side of your home page that reads “Click here for more information on this service,” or “We’re here to help! Schedule a free consultation.” It’s an easy way to convert simple interest into paying patients.

3. Give something away

This can be an uneasy topic for the average startup. With little money to throw away and every penny being of monumental importance, many new practices are reluctant to offer incentives in exchange for interest or engagement. Careful though, this could be a missed win. Everyone wants something for free, and if the requirement is simple and easy enough, they’re willing to oblige your request. Build your website audience by giving away a prize if they request a consultation, follow you on social media or sign up for your monthly newsletter. The prize doesn’t have to be a trip to the Bahamas. Manage their expectations by letting them know they could win something as simple as a complimentary nutritional assessment.

4. Solicit email addresses

Email is the new phone number when it comes to businesses keeping in touch with the public. Constantly stay in touch with prospective patients by actively soliciting their email addresses.  This way, when you have a message to get out, you have another resource besides hoping you show up on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn feed. Furthermore, a solid email database will allow you to customize your message to address your audience on a personal basis through tailored and segmented emails, based on the level of relevance to each recipient.

5. Start a blog

Today’s patient is looking for as much information as they can get on their health challenges and whether or not a potential healthcare provider can help. The more content you provide, the more loyalty you will create for your website and practice. Seize the opportunity to become a “thought leader” by readily offering knowledge on the service you provide as it relates to your target audience. Your blog is a way to show the public that you have something to say as it relates to the broader scope of the healthcare industry and will give you more credibility with prospective patients. Optimize your blog by establishing a consistent schedule for posting, coming up with relevant content that’s interesting and encouraging readers to leave comments and share on social media (remember your CTAs!).

6. Include multi-media

Don’t be a one-trick pony.  Having more than one way of getting your message out across ensures that no matter how the website visitor chooses to digest information, you are appealing to their preferences.  By adding multi-media to your site – i.e., videos, pictures, podcasts, webinars – you show a commitment to be willing to implement different ways your audience looks to seek information.  Have videos to compliment your blog. Post photos of your staff in action.  Multi-media can give you an edge over your competition while giving you multiple platforms to be noticed by your audience.

Is your practice optimized for maximum exposure and growth?


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