Choose EMR Systems Designed for Functional Medicine

In a world full of mind-boggling options and alternatives in medicine and healthcare, people are looking for something that can cater to their personal needs and lifestyle. Physicians today should be able to easily communicate with efficiency and speed. With new technologies at the tips of our fingers, Power2Practice is an EHR software that provides a platform to both doctors and practitioners that facilitate efficiency with security. We find ourselves in the midst of the digital age, with new federal mandates that have pushed medical practices to digitize their documents. It is essential that your practice uses an electronic medical records system that will not only meet government standards, but also the standards of your patients.

Look for EMR Systems That Are Different from Others Already on the Market

Power2Practice is the only EMR system that has been designed with Functional Medicine in mind. This software allows for the Integrative, Anti Aging and Functional medicine patient care practices to truly integrate a workflow that is completely patient centered. The ability for a physician to be able to provide the tools for his/her patient in a digital format becomes even more evident in the field that has become functional medicine.

Patients of Functional Medicine Benefit from P2P EHR Software

Power2Practice was created to focus on the Functional Medicine patient. With the help of specialty lab tests, this area of medicine has been developed over the course of several years. This was done in an effort to start treating the cause of sickness, rather than to treat a patient’s symptoms alone, or treat when it’s already too late. With a focus on a systemic change in the way medicine helps to treat and cure illness, doctors now look to preventative methods versus the traditional acute diagnosis of a patient. More and more, our society has seen in increase in chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease and physicians are realizing the need to begin treating the underlying causes of these illnesses.

The patient centered aspect of Functional Medicine is what makes our P2P EHR software such a great fit for both physicians and patients and their specialty lab needs. Medical physicians who implement Integrative and Anti-Aging factors into their methodology, know the seemingly uphill battle there is when taking into account each patient’s unique medical history while also including genetic makeup, environmental factors, and their mental and spiritual state. One must be able to connect all the dots and create a matrix of an almost infinite list of underlying factors of every individual’s illness.

That is why the benefits of having EMR systems tailored to the needs of Functional Medicine is so essential to the success of a medical practice along with the specialty lab. The ability to have EHR software like P2P allows for that patient engagement to not only increase, but for the physician to be able to track patient progress more efficiently.

Understand What P2P Does for Your Practice

Power2Practice isn’t your typical EHR software in the sense that it is simply an electronic health records system. It also provides additional tools to fulfill the many needs of your practice including your preferred specialty lab. With the ability to correlate a patient’s records, with their scheduled appointments and prescriptions all in one place, and the results from your specialty lab, our EHR software not only optimizes your workflow, but increases your office’s efficiency by an exponential amount.

Our task list and calendar allows you to color code appointments according to each provider while also letting you assign specific tasks and due dates within your office. With this feature you can also set alerts and reminders to you and your staff that allow for a greater accountability in the office. Along with other preparation tools and checklists, the collaborative design enables your medical practice to be informed and up to date with any of the latest changes and adjustments, not only within your office, but with the individual patient as well.

P2P is a Fully Integrative System

One of the many benefits of P2P software is its integrative interface with the best specialty lab providers that cater to Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine, such as Genova Diagnostics and ZRT. Integration with specialty labs helps to streamline your clinical processes and reduce the time spent submitting labs manually. This is evidence that Power2Practice is a natural fit for your practice. In fact, our EMR software is the only among EMR systems available on the market that is fully integrated with specialty lab options such as ZRT and Genova, and as of now currently testing the integration of HDL and BioReference.

Our EHR software integration with specialty labs such as Genova and ZRT is what makes it an all encompassing tool for your medical practice. Genova, being an internationally renowned specialty lab with the highest standards in the industry with consultation for physicians who are focused on the personalized treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, makes P2P well suited for your medical practice.

P2P Makes Practice Marketing Easier for You

Power2Practice offers much more than what you might find in other EMR systems besides an integrative interface with specialty lab alternatives.Power2Practice has become an all around network, complete with blogs and articles by our very own experts. Our website provides a database of up-to-date information and strategies to help empower your very own practice marketing strategies. From social media tips to branding, every successful practice needs a marketing plan that helps future patients outside of the doctor’s office. You can assure P2P cares about the success of your practice marketing plan in your local community since we provide you all the tools necessary to do so.

Social media has become such an essential part of practice marketing in industries across the board, and even more importantly the world of Functional Medicine, Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine. The sharing of information through social platforms coincides with the objectives of the lifestyle changes functional medicine requires. Our database of blogs and articles can help jumpstart your practice marketing and increase patient engagement. With the platforms available today, doctors can communicate with their patients more efficiently and securely, while also being able to educate patients in an interactive way.

Additionally, P2P can help build your own network of colleagues in the industry as well. The ability to share new information and collaborate with others in your field is necessary when building your credibility and reputation through your practice marketing plan. The importance of an online presence has become even more important with people becoming more dependent on mobile phone technology more than ever before.

Why Functional Medicine EMR Systems Are so Important for Your Practice Marketing

It’s been proven that the majority of consumers will look at a company’s website before ever calling in for information. Your online presence is essential to adding weight to the legitimacy of your medical practice. Our EMR systems are designed to allow you the flexibility needed to succeed. Power2Practice EHR software gives you the tools to able to fine tune your website, and make it a resource for how your practice marketing can help all of the patient’s needs. Instead of solely focusing on the accolades of the medical practice, physicians need to build trust with their patients by being their source of education on how you and your services can help solve their own problems.

The content you provide online for your patients is all about generating confidence with your patients. Using your website to educate your new and current patients on prevention through lifestyle tips and new research shows how your practice marketing stays up to date with the latest changes in the industry. The patient needs to see that the physician is a leader and authority on the subject, which is now easier than ever before with all the public platforms available on the market. There are an endless number of techniques that can be used in your practice marketing that include video tutorials, podcasts, photos, forums in addition to the aforementioned blogs and articles.

P2P EHR software serves as wonderful source of content for your websites and social media pages. Whether you need content focused on medical related topics or content focused on the administrative aspect of running a practice, we make sure that our experts provide everything you need for your practice marketing needs. Increase your exposure significantly with our content as a source for more shares on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Trust P2P as Your New EMR System

The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, A4M, has fully endorsed the Power2Practice EMR software as the best EMR systems for practices with a focus on Functional, Integrative, and Anti-Aging medicine. Established in 1992, A4M, has been fully committed to the advancement and promotion of preventative medicine with a focus on treating ageing as a disease. With the dedication A4M has demonstrated in educating scientists, doctors, and researchers about anti-aging issues and bringing them to the forefront, they have now become an authority on this ever-expanding field of medicine. A4M is now boasting a membership of over 26,000 physicians, scientists, health practitioners, government officials, and this US federally registered non-profit organization has members across 120 nations, worldwide.

Having this level of support from such a reputable institution like A4M is a necessary and indispensable tool for physicians in need of networking for your medical practice marketing. Provided with the easy to use interface of Power2Practice endorsed by A4M, you can guarantee to take your practice to a whole new level.

The exciting developments in medicine as of late have inspired a movement that A4M has led towards the functional medical practice in addition to traditional methods more than ever before. In this time of new advancements, it is imperative that your practice continues to stay at the forefront of this movement, and continues to be ahead of the new strategies available thanks to new technologies and initiatives like A4M. With the new technology available that has pushed for the digitalization of all forms of communication, patients are looking for physicians who can respond quickly and efficiently. Patients of Anti-Aging medicine need physicians to be an extension of their new lifestyles centered on preventative medical techniques.

Continue to Collaborate With the Community

The collaborative nature of our EHR software is one of the reasons why P2P is the most efficient platform for forming part of a greater community. Thanks to A4M, this community continues to grow at a fast paced rate is always in need of more research and analysis to contribute to its progress. What better way to be a part of a larger network that is working towards the purpose of developing anti-aging, integrative and functional medicine? A4M acknowledges that Power2Practice provides an excellent foundation to do so.

A4M has encouraged that maintaining constant communication between physician and patients is one of the core values of integrative medicine, and is one of the key factors in being able to know your patients medical history thoroughly. With our Patient History Questionnaire you get extensive background information and in-depth look into your patient’s medical history that incorporates their lifestyle history as well.

The information collected from specialty labs, the medications and dietary supplements that you prescribe can be seen in our charts by physicians and patients. This way you can better understand the ups and downs in your patient’s progress and anticipate the shifts and changes in their treatment while responding to them with proper adjustments. Our complete system helps you as the physician to track other contributing factors into their well being such as stress, sleep habits, diet and exercise and allows for you to provide them personalized lifestyle interventions.

Our overall integrative interface was created to be an uncomplicated and efficient approach to the physician-patient relationship needed to build and construct the proper lifestyle interventions in line with the values of Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine that A4M has inspired. P2P simplifies and puts everything you need to help run your practice more efficiently into one intuitive of EMR systems.