What You Should Know about Patient Fusion

Due to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) passed in 2009, the medical profession is being mandated to enter into the 21st century and adapt to the digital age. Electronic medical records software (EMR) is no longer a thing of the future, but a present reality which, if implemented correctly, will result in improved efficiency for the medical profession across the board. In the past, Healthcare providers were limited in communicating with their patients outside of traditional office visits. While Patient Fusion, a software provider and developer of EMR software attempted to bridge the gap between patient and medical practice; the results still did not address the holistic approach needs of the Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine patient-care practices.

While in theory, the use of EMR software would create efficient office workflows, the truth of the matter is that the available software was troublesome and not user friendly. This resulted in a distrust of the medical profession in the technological attempts being made by some of our competitors, eClinical Works, for example. To make matters more tenuous, the hard-to-use software diminished the doctor’s ability to focus on a patient; negatively impacting their practice. As the medical field expanded and developed, the need to interact with patients in an expedient manner became more pressing to ensure effective results. Power2Practice answered the call by creating an EMR software so comprehensive that it addresses the unique clinical needs and business demands of integrative medicine practices through seamless workflow management, clinical support tools and patient empowerment solutions.

Electronic Medical Records Software, A Step Forward

While the technological industry benefits from healthcare providers using EMR software, the downside is that many of these other software packages similar to Patient Fusion’s platform are cumbersome and provide very little functionality. To add to the frustration, their purpose does not extend beyond the individual office, limiting the ability to support the long-term wellbeing of a patient. In contrast, Power2Practice provides software that can fully satisfy the move towards the implementing an electronic medical records software platform that also supports the daily workflow of integrative, anti-aging and functional medicine practices. P2P has been able to achieve what the other software providers such as Patient Fusion and eClinical Works have been unable to achieve: full integration between the patient and the practice.

Will the move to EMR software thrive or fail? The current climate in information processes is forcing the industry to change and the need for a stable EMR software is now mainstream. Every practice, including Integrative, Anti-aging, and Functional, needs to be able to handle EMR systems with efficiency and precision. More importantly most practices do not have the time to become experts in the field of information technology.

The Benefits of EMR Software

The most important benefit of using electronic medical records software is that is adds to the efficiency to the practice. However, information not shared only serves part of its purpose. As the information age moves forward, and the medical profession expands, patient engagement is a topic of great concern for medical practices who engage in lifestyle-based medicine. It also became more important that the modern age patient must take ownership of their personal actions that lead to better health. Seeing the need of a user friendly and comprehensive EMR software, Power2Practice took the leadership role and create an innovative, shared information software to serve the new era of individualized medicine. While there is electronic medical records software on the market, offered by companies such as Patient Fusion and eClinical Works, these products have proven to be cumbersome and underdeveloped.

A privately held company founded in 2011, Power2Practice, wanted to focus on the interaction between medical professionals and patients, to continue away from the traditional office visits and ensure that its mobility and efficiency created a full service electronic medical records software solution. This patient friendly Internet-based portal would educate and empower patients, rather than merely store data for the sole use of the medical practice, a function that the Patient Fusion serves.

Fully Interactive Electronic Medical Records Software

After years of frustration, many integrative physicians moved away from conventional medicine to follow their true passion and returned to providing more attentive care to their patients. This new type of medical practice utilizes a holistic and whole-systems approach to patient care, requiring more patient engagement, empowerment and communication, different from traditional western medicine. As a result of this approach, they require an electronic medical records software that is not utilized by companies such as Patient Fusion. Taking this all-encompassing approach to supporting a medical practice, P2P offers more than a data utilization system created by eClinical Works. Our core platform for the integrative medical community has transformed the way doctors run their offices. Equally important, the software created by Power2Practice, has revolutionized the way patients have become engage and educated in their own health care.

Power2Practice Offers What eClinical Works Cannot

Communication is the key to a successful patient-practice relationship. Therefore, creating a portal that provides the tools needed to improve communication while streamlining office procedures for efficiency became crucial to the platform’s multi-use functionality. P2P has created a Patient Portal, which offers many advantages for both the medical practice and the patients. Patients can securely access their electronic medical records, thereby providing them with vital information regarding their healthcare.

There are also other convenient features available to patients, such as the ability to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, review lab test results and send secure messages to the doctor. This information empowers patients and encourages physician-patient communication regarding medical care and related needs.

Our electronic medical records software and business solutions tools are designed by Integrative physicians for Integrative physicians, making practice management and administration much more efficient. As designed, P2P is user-friendly, easy-to-learn, and has no long term contracts or contract fees. Power2Practice software supports both physicians and their patients by providing electronic health records and a patient portal. These are features not found in the software utilized by Patient Fusion.

A Virtual Office On the Move

We are in a mobile age where waiting for information can mean the difference between life and death. Knowing this, P2P made the obvious decision to ensure that our platform is fully functional where ever the physician, office staff and patient go. Power2Practice is mobile! Using cloud technology allows all parties to be on-the-go yet remain informed and engaged. Each practitioner in your office is able to access a central database that is secured off site, using a desktop or simple electronic tablet. All that is required is an existing Internet connection!

With Power2Practice, you get pre-appointment checklists and reminders, instant online appointment confirmations and the ability to engage your patients in their own health care. Using the secure patient portal, patients can schedule appointments, securely message your office, view and print treatment plans, medication/supplement usage instructions, log their daily health actions and track their progress over time. Also, P2P’s multifunctional software will educate patients about the benefits of new treatments, procedures and supplements. They are also able to request prescription refills and access lab results posted to directly their corresponding EMRs aiding the in the process of well-being.

In addition, the software also comes with a multitude of other helpful tools to assist your practice with routine tasks such as patient questionnaires, bi-directional lab interfacing, ordering custom compounds and methods for tracking patient lifestyle information. The platform even comes preloaded with integrative-specific health questionnaires that patients can fill out from the comfort of home—not in your waiting room. These types of automated patient engagement tools help patients stay committed to their health and in touch with your office between visits. Our competitor, Patient Fusion does not offer the comprehensive full service platform that Power2Practice provides.

Technology is Key in Educating the Patient

Changing the way we practice medicine depends, in part, on the research that has been conducted and published. Accurate and detailed data is essential for documenting changes that patients experience by applying a practice’s treatment plans. Power2Practice creates a foundation for the practice and the patient to communicate about the journey involved in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The P2P platform cultivates open conversations with patients on a cloud-based server.

This allows the practice to answer the patients in a quick and effective manner, an impossibility with the Patient Fusion and eClinical Works office-based solution. When a patient takes ownership of their own wellbeing and interacts in the process with their healthcare provider, they become long term satisfied customers. This satisfaction translates directly into tangible results, which prove profitable in the long term. Giving the patient the empowerment to interact with their healthcare provider offers tremendous satisfaction in their patient advocacy role.

Efficiency Without Losing the Personal Touch

Doctors have often struggled with the delicate balance of trying to provide their patients with personalized care and running an efficient practice that creates profitability. Information is power. While eClinical Works offers a system to share information, it is relegated to the office staff and is unavailable for patient use. The Power2Practice system not only informs and educates, but streamlines the office workflow, freeing up the physician to spend more time with the patient during office visits. While using a system similar to Patient Fusion has benefits, platform is limited to the office staff where the patient has no input into the process responsible for their wellbeing.

Because of the patient’s access to the P2P system, communication is never a concern. Patients can send secure messages to their physician using the HIPAA-secure messaging portal. Either the physician, or an authorized medical staff member can then respond (in confidence that all information is secure). One of the many benefits to this remote access factor is the decrease in the overall number of inquiries that the medical staff receives from patients as they are able to access their information through the user-friendly patient portal. Neither eClinical Works nor Patient Fusion offer features similar to those found in our system.

A Secure System

It goes without saying that personal healthcare information must remain confidential and secure for the sake of both the patient and the medical practice. The HIPAA rules mandate that healthcare providers must ensure safeguards for the security of electronic protected health information. They are also required to provide protection against anticipated threats, protecting the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data to authorized entities. Our practice management software further protects patient data through the cyber security application, Dell SecureWorks, which provides HIPAA-compliant security features such as advanced malware protection, firewall security, cyber-attacks, data breaches and e-mail encryption. P2P offers bank-grade, Tier 4 security, which means that both you and your patients can feel safe communicating freely.

The Power That Gets Results

Identifying a technical solution for the management of electronic medical records software that fits personalized medicine requires a specialized and acute sense of multidisciplinary practices. Addressing the holistic approach to the Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine patient-care practices came about through productive communication with the doctors just like you. These specialists are faced with unique challenges because standard out-of-the-box EMR softwares, similar to the one created by Patient Fusion, often fail to meet the needs of individualized medicine practices.

Power2Practice is the first and only electronic health management software envisioned by Integrative physicians for Integrative physicians, practices and pharmacies. This pioneering software design is a technological combination that integrates patient relationship management with a flexible business development platform that securely protects patient data, beyond Patient Fusion.