The Power of Patient Portal Integration

Imagine a patient portal system so comprehensive that it addresses the unique clinical needs and business demands of integrative medicine practices through seamless workflow management of EMR(s) and holistic business solutions. Now imagine that cross-functional platform expanding around the globe, available on a multinational level for both patients and physicians. The system taking the medical profession by storm is Power2Practice: The first integrative and functional medicine platform to offer both the stable functionality required by physicians and customization features not available in other systems.

Patient Portal 101

In the past, healthcare professionals often found it challenging to communicate with their patients outside of the traditional office visit. As the medical field expanded and developed, the need to interact with patients in an expedient manner became more pressing to ensure effective results. The information and technological service industry responded and the patient portal was born. It is a site that allows patients 24-hour access to their personal health information from anywhere with an Internet connection. The most obvious advantage of portal technology is that it provides a secure platform where patients can interact with their medical providers, including HIPAA-secure messaging.

For example, a service provider such as Allscripts, would have the user assign themselves a secure username and password. This enables the patient access to the patient portal in order to view sensitive health information such a record of their doctor visits, discharge summaries, medications and dosage, and lab results. While this technological advancement sounds amazing, and it is, a void that existed that needed to be addressed in order to ensure the most effective and comprehensive interaction between medical professionals and their patients.

Power2Practice is More Comprehensive Than Allscripts

Power2Practice, a privately held Information Technology and Services company founded in 2011, wanted to create an innovative EMR to serve the new era of individualized medicine. After conducting exhaustive research to see the interaction between medical professionals and patients, we set about to design a patient portal that would educate and empower patients, rather than simply feed them data. Like many traditional EMR systems, the Allscripts platform simplified the most basic of administrative tasks, but it didn’t quite address the need for supporting personalized care integrative physicians and practice managers were demanding.

Power2Practice breaks through common EMR limitations offering unique business tools created with input from veteran practice managers, different from Allscripts. Power2Practice partners with physicians to satisfy the requirements to provide EMR files and create a patient portal. In doing so, P2P have created a comprehensive platform that has bridged the gap in addressing the needs for Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine practitioners.

Who Benefits?

The medical profession, including those offering anti-aging systems approved by A4M, must conform to the digital age and utilize electronic medical records. While these changes are being driven by several federal mandates, physician input was vital and P2P used this opportunity to improve patient engagement and office workflow. Similar to other EMR systems, P2P works toward focuses on the benefits of physicians and practice managers alike, beyond the scope of Allscripts. As with any problem, several questions had to be addressed.

The first one was: who does this benefit? Who is the target clientele for P2P to consider in the creation of the patient portal? An area of comprehensive expansion in medicine, the Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine patient-care practices offered a unique opportunity to create a workflow for the front line in office workflow. These practices use a more holistic, whole-systems approach to patient care, requiring more patient engagement, empowerment and communication as opposed to more traditional western medicine. An added consideration was that many of these physicians operate outside of traditional insurance reimbursement.

During the development stages it became the mission of P2P to support medical practices as a total package; inclusive of management software, workflow optimization and automating specific clinical processes. Utilizing an easy platform like Allscripts, P2P takes it a step further to incorporate a more personalized experience for users.It also became clear that a large part of a successful practice meant improving the practice’s profitability and outcomes across all measures. This included the factoring in the effective use of supplies as well as the proper distribution of retail product supplements and the reduction of lab overhead.

Using this all-encompassing approach to supporting a medical practice, P2P offers more than the patient portal utilized by Allscripts. This core platform for the integrative medical community has transformed the way doctors run their offices. As equally important, it has changed the way patients can engage in their own health care.

The Patient as Partner in The Medical Practice

There is solid research showing how outcomes improve when patients get involved in their healthcare, such as tracking their daily health habits. In addition, patients who feel like they’re seeing results are often more satisfied with their care providers. This translates directly into tangible results, which prove profitable in the long term. Satisfied patients schedule more appointments, pay their bills in a timely manner and add to the medical practice through referrals and discussions via social media outlets, resulting in practice growth and expansion.

Why the Field of Anti-Aging?

The bottom line is that doctors use regenerative medicine to help their patients lead longer and healthier lives by providing their patients with access to anti-aging systems and medical rejuvenation programs to support healthcare needs. This complex discipline requires the dissemination of information and continual vigilance in the educational process of both patient and physician. The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) is an organization comprised of 26,000-plus member physicians, health practitioners, scientists, governmental officials, and members of the general public, representing over 120 nations.

The A4M is dedicated to the advancement of technology to detect, prevent, and treat aging related disease and to promote research into methods to retard and optimize the human aging process. Another focus of the A4M is to educate physicians, scientists, and members of the public on biomedical sciences, breaking technologies, and anti-aging issues which will ultimately result in prolonging the human lifespan. Effective anti-aging systems are not just about looking or feeling younger. Anti-Aging Medicine as defined by the A4M is based on the scientific principles of responsible medical care consistent with those of other healthcare specialties.

These state-of-the-art biotechnological modalities and clinical tools incorporate a holistic approach to prolonging the human lifespan and improving vitality. These advanced techniques often integrate a variety of modalities that include both traditional and innovative therapies such as acupuncture, adrenal fatigue treatments, bio-identical hormone therapy and massage. Unsurprisingly, a subset of these treatments have become a national obsession: medical weight loss. These treatments and modalities have become so popular with physicians and their patients that many doctors have even opened specialized medical spa facilities that specialize in aesthetic medicine. Having cultivated this perspective, it became clear that P2P was tasked in creating a system that rose above the more traditional patient portal.

P2P is the only Integrative Medicine-specific EMR designed by veteran Integrative physicians and practice managers to support the unique needs of individualized care practices. P2P is not only an EMR, but also a support system full of business solutions and business development tools and resources. Additionally, P2P is the only EMR software system that is endorsed by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

The P2P Platform Created For Success

Changing the way we practice medicine depends on the research that has been conducted and published. Accurate and detailed data is essential for documenting changes that patients experience by applying a practice’s treatment plans. Power2Practice creates a foundation for the practice and the patient to communicate about the journey involved in establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The P2P Patient Portal cultivates open conversations with patients on a cloud based server that is available wherever an internet connection is available. This allows the practice to answer the patients in a quick and effective manner and capture clinical data and report outcome trends to support your clinical research. With this advantage, ordering treatment can be more expeditious and effective for both the practice and the patient. Proudly endorsed by A4M, P2P serves to consistently meet the needs of physician and patient.

As patients download and review their medical records, recommendations or treatment plans, they will feel more secure knowing they are in a relationship with your practice. In using the secure message center, the practice will be confident in the stability of our HIPAA-secure messaging center with Tier 4 security.

The multifunctional patient portal can educate patients about the benefits of new treatments, procedures and supplements that would help them reach their healthcare goals. They are also able to access lab results posted to directly their corresponding electronic medical record. P2P offers patient interaction that enables the patient to engage in conversation, thus helping the patient take ownership of their healthcare.

Educating and empowering the patient is one of the beneficial results of the HIPPA-secure P2P patient portal. Patients can report and track their health habits such as diet, fitness activity and supplement use in an easy-to-use interface. As they add information, the data becomes a color-coded graph, giving a complete picture of the patient’s progress over time. Using education documents in our library database, patients can learn more about their health condition as well as receive useful instruction on taking medications and nutraceuticals.

The patient can also access and download doctor-prescribed treatment plans. Automated appointment reminder emails and instant online confirmations will better serve patients and decrease missed appointments for improved practice profitability.

Calendar and Task Center Optimizes Efficiency

Keeping an office running smoothly requires not only communication but a clear day to day tracking of the practices activities. This intuitive interface has been designed for the way a practice operates.

Our system offers color-coded appointments per provider by day, week and month. An office manager can assign tasks and due dates with discreet alerts to remind staff of unfinished tasks. A patient preparation tool and check list has been created for greater office accountability and communication.

Simplifying Clinical Processes

We are proud to say that P2P is the first and only company to integrate with specialty labs such as ZRT and Genova. With over 30 IV therapy protocols developed by renowned physicians, Mitch Ghenn, DO, and Paul Anderson, ND, physicians can easily integrate IV therapies into the practice. Furthermore, it is possible for a practice to customize their system with commonly ordered lab tests and panels. Regardless of the lab, a practice can order tests, print requisition forms and share results with their patients quickly and efficiently. In addition, cash patients will enjoy discounted rates with Quest Diagnostics due to special group pricing.

The Future is Now

Every day, we are faced with options and the choices we make are based on many different factors. The success of any practice is dependent on the right choices in regards to the care provided to its patients. Part of making wise choices is the ability to recognize the need for change and the proper course to choose. While many are resistant to change, the fact remains that time marches on, the future is now and technological advancements will never subside. While the medical profession will be forced to adapt, a practice has the ability to choose which system will be the one that takes them to the next level in proficiency and excellence.

Embracing the future is the best position to take when it comes to expanding a practice. The future in technology for the medical profession is Power2Practice, the first integrative medical platform that is establishing itself as the most reliable, the most stable and the most innovative personalized care patient portal system operating today.