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Ozone Medical Therapy

by Jim Paoletti, BS Pharmacy, FAARM, FIACP As practitioners are becoming more aware and knowledgeable of the benefits and applications, ozone medical therapy is growing in popularity. Ozone therapy had been around for over 150 years, used originally to disinfect and to treat disease. Ozone has been used to disinfect drinking water since before the… Read More »

12 Popular IV Therapies

by Jim Paoletti, BS Pharmacy, FAARM, FIACP    IV nutrient therapy is making its way into more and more integrative medicine, holistic medicine, and functional medicine practices. Practitioners are finding that many disorders and dysfunctions respond more significantly and/or quickly with IV nutrition versus oral supplementation, particularly in patients with malabsorption issues. Parenteral therapies, aka… Read More »

Webinar Recording: IV Nutrient Therapy 101 – a Primer for Practitioners

  WEBINAR RECORDING: IV Nutrient Therapy 101 – a Primer for Practitioners Listen to/watch the recording below and download the slides by clicking here! Dr. Anderson Discusses: Using IV Nutrients in the outpatient setting (an overview). The most common IV additives and their indications. Ideas for implementing the modality in your practice. Webinar Recorded: November 9th,… Read More »