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Estriol Supplementation and Metabolites – A Caveat

Written by Mark Newman, President of Precision Analytical, Inc. I want to discuss a complicated scenario with you. If you give estriol, please keep reading. If you don’t use estriol in your practice, feel free to forward this to those who do! Bottom Line: When a patient takes estriol (especially if it is oral/sublingual) some… Read More »

She Needs Progesterone, Uterus or Not!

By Jim Paoletti, BS Pharmacy, FAARFM, FIACP, Director of Education at Power2Practice I’m often asked if it is true that a woman does not need progesterone if her uterus has been removed. It’s my understanding that this philosophy is commonly taught in medical schools, which is hard to conceive. It’s also hard to conceive that a large number… Read More »