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DUTCH Test Integration Upgrade

  We are excited to announce an upgrade to our DUTCH Test by Precision Analytical, Inc integration! Dutch test results now directly populate into Power2Practice via HL7 data transmission, vs a PDF of the results. Now DUTCH providers have detailed test results automatically populate their patients’ records (both in summary DUTCH Test® PDF reports as well… Read More »

Urine Testing to Monitor Transdermal Estrogen Creams or Gels

Written by Mark Newman, President of Precision Analytical, Inc. In this blog, you will see the data that has led us to the following conclusions about monitoring transdermal estrogen: Serum and urine (DUTCH) testing can be used to monitor transdermal creams and gels. Clinical parameters tested in the research (bone loss, vasomotor symptoms, FSH suppression)… Read More »

The Potential Benefits of “4-Spot Urine Testing” for HPA Axis Assessment

Written by Mark Newman, President of Precision Analytical, Inc. and Carrie Jones, ND The health of the entire hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis is critically important for maintaining proper health primarily because of cortisol’s role in the body. Cortisol is known as a glucocorticosteroid because of its effects on blood sugar regulation (gluco), it is made in the… Read More »

Subtleties in the Diagnosis of Endocrine System Dysfunction

Written by Mark Newman, President of Precision Analytical, Inc.  The DUTCH (Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones) test is currently the most comprehensive lab test available in the market. Therefore, it is not surprising that reading the patient reports can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. In order to help you with the learning curve, Dr. Tim Hyatt, ND… Read More »

Testosterone & Men: Understanding the Age-Dependent Ranges

Written by Carrie Jones, ND, MPH, Medical Director at Precision Analytical, Inc.  It’s natural for testosterone levels to decline as men age, but working to identify the ideal ranges for one’s age is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Carrie Jones highlights the difference between ‘optimal ranges’ and ‘age ranges’ in determining the body’s proper… Read More »

Should You Test a Woman’s Hormones If She’s on the Pill?

Written by Mark Newman, President of Precision Analytical, Inc.  One of the most common questions we receive at the Precision Analytical lab involves testing hormones when a woman is on the birth control pill (or the birth control ring or birth control implants). We have been asked if someone on the pill can just stop their… Read More »