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Birth Control Pills and IUDs Increase Breast Cancer Risk

Written by Dr. David Brownstein For many years, I have been counselling my patients not to use birth control pills as a form of contraception. My reasoning was that there were too many adverse effects with oral contraceptives and there were safe and effective alternatives that were not associated with serious adverse effects. In the… Read More »

Statins Increase the Progression of Coronary Artery Calcification

Written by Dr. David Brownstein Statins are the most profitable medications produced by the Big Pharma Cartel. A report from the National Center for Health Statistics claims that 50% of men age 65-74, and nearly 40% of women over the age of 75 take a statin medication. A 2011 study found over 32 million Americans… Read More »

Prescription Medications: The Third Leading Cause of Death

Written by Dr. David Brownstein Folks, For many years now, I have been writing blogs for everyday people about the dangers of solely relying on prescription medications. Nearly all prescription medications work by poisoning enzymes and blocking receptors in the body. As I stated in my book, Drugs That Don’t Work and Natural Therapies That… Read More »

New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines

Written by Dr. David Brownstein   Italian researchers recently studied the safety of vaccines in current use. (1) They examined 44 types of vaccines to check for physical contamination.  Although the vaccines were obtained from two countries (France and Italy), the same vaccine companies that supply the U.S. were used in this study. Using an… Read More »

Mercury Fillings: Toxic Material That Should Be Banned

Written by Dr. David Brownstein Honestly, I can’t believe that I’m still writing about this topic. Why anyone could think that mercury—one of the most toxic substances known to mankind—is safe to use as a dental filling is beyond ridiculous. A study from the University of Georgia reported that surface restoration comprising mercury fillings significantly… Read More »

Daily Statins for All? More Media Nonsense

Written by Dr. David Brownstein   Be still my beating heart. One day after writing a blog post describing how taking a statin for six years gives you three or four more days of life, CNN publishes an article titled, “Global study lays groundwork for daily statin usage to prevent heart disease.” (1) This study… Read More »

$14,000 for New Cholesterol-lowering Drugs? We Must Be out of Our Minds!

Written by Dr. David Brownstein   A couple of years ago, an article about the new cholesterol-lowering drugs appeared in the New York Times (NYT). The article can be read here. The article focused on the side effects of statin drugs and it questioned if doctors will prescribe the new drugs even though they are very expensive.… Read More »

Identifying & Treating Heavy Metal Toxicities

Written by Dr. David Brownstein Heavy metal toxicity is, unfortunately, alive and well in our modern world. An article in the Tribune News Service (July 6, 2015) reported that any exposure to lead, even as a toddler or in the womb, could lead to a host of permanent neurological problems. These problems include headaches, a… Read More »