What is the Value in a Virtual Dispensary?

Written by Fullscript

There is no question that having an online presence facilitates the awareness and delivery of your health care services. Likewise, if you recommend and sell natural health products as part of your practice, having a virtual dispensary is a great way to facilitate your health care delivery.

Whether you don’t yet have a dispensary, run a small in-house one, or use an e-commerce site, there are numerous benefits for having a virtual dispensary, in particular, one that focuses on helping you help your patients.

“I don’t have a dispensary and I’m not sure I can afford one.”

Many new practitioners have this common problem. They are in debt from years of school and training, with all of their resources poured into establishing a patient / client base. There is no extra money for stocking a dispensary so they send their patients to a variety of other suppliers for the products they recommend. Not only is this inconvenient for the patient, but the probability that the patient will follow through with their prescription is low, thereby reducing the likelihood they will follow their treatment protocols.

However, what you might not know – using Fullscript’s virtual dispensary software is free. Your patients can order the products you recommend from a single online dispensary. The dispensary will take care of the entire payment process when a patient makes an order, and then pays you a percentage of the sale directly into your bank account. The orders are then shipped directly to their doors, saving them time from having to search for hard-to-find products. This solution not only provides your patients with the products you have selected for their specific needs, it also provides you with a valuable revenue stream – revenue that you can use to help grow your practice, and improve your services….or even pay off school debt.

“I have a small in-house dispensary, but can hardly manage it as it is.”

This is understandable. Physical dispensaries can be a headache – they take time, energy, and resources to manage.

By far the most valuable aspect of creating a virtual dispensary is that it takes very little time to set up and almost no time to manage. Since there is no inventory, no paper work, and no packing or shipping for you to worry about, using Fullscript’s virtual dispensary is effortless and time efficient. Your patients can order products they need directly from your virtual dispensary, and have the products arrive at their doorsteps in a few days – it doesn’t get much easier than that.

This not only gives you back valuable time, but also provides a mechanism for scaling up the number of patients you can service through your dispensary. It can grow right along with your practice so you won’t have to worry about finding space to hold your ever growing inventory. The dispensary also provides you a window into your patients’ treatment protocol compliance as you can review their ordering behavior and send prescriptions and refill reminders.

“I already have an online store, why switch to another kind?”

Not all online dispensaries are created equal. In fact, most are created with one purpose in mind…to create an online store that earns money for product suppliers, distributors, and the practitioner last. Rarely does the dispensary consider the practitioner / patient relationship, the patients experience or their compliance, while also creating a sustainable revenue stream. Fullscript isn’t just another online store. Fullscript is a platform for prescribing and managing better health.

The Fullscript Smart Dispensary allows integrative health professionals to create their own virtual dispensary, to sell supplements and natural health products to their patients without the hassle of carrying physical inventory. It also provides a secure and convenient platform that is accessible from any computer, with features designed to increase the likelihood that your patients will buy your prescriptions and follow their treatment plans.

Fullscript Smart Dispensary is a great way to create a revenue stream, save time and money while scaling up your practice, providing you and your patients the best possible online experience. Whether you’re just getting started with your practice, or you’re already running an online store, you will get all the advantages of a virtual dispensary, but with a dedicated focus on helping you help your patients live happier, healthier lives.

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