The Power to Get Results With Specialty Labs

Are you a physician who uses specialty labs to identify or diagnose your patient’s health condition? Power2Practice is able to support doctors who use specialty medical testing laboratories. Ordering from these specialized laboratories is convenient and easy. Doctors can easily print requisition forms for the patient and even create customized panels of common lab requests that can be stored electronically for future use.

Through P2P’s medical practice management software, the test results are electronically delivered to the patient’s chart and an automatic notification is sent to the doctor, who is then able to immediately view the outcome of the diagnostics. Patients can securely view and print their lab results online through their portal account. There is also an option to create a chronological table that displays the results of all of the patient’s lab tests.

Which Specialty Labs are Supported?

Power2Practice currently supports ZRT, and soon, SpectraCell and Genova as well. P2P is the only EMR system that is able to integrate with these specialized laboratories and diagnostic testing centers. ZRT Laboratory performs hormone and wellness testing, and offers specialty profiles for adrenal stress, fertility, sleep balance, weight control and skin vitality. SpectraCell Laboratories provide advanced testing for micronutrients, subclinical nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular risk, genetic testing and offers a series specialized tests that are used within anti-aging medicine. In the future, P2P will provide support for additional specialty labs such as BioReference Laboratories, Genova Diagnostics, and Health Diagnostic Laboratory.

Lab Tests and Electronic Medical Records

Specialized laboratories are not the only lab test results that have been integrated into P2P’s software. Physicians who partner with Power2Practice have access to convenient built-in online ordering of lab tests and panels from Quest Diagnostics, and will also benefit from discounted lab rates to that help to reduce costs. Upon completion, the lab results from Quest are electronically posted to the patient’s EMR, and an alert is sent to the doctor.

Eager patients can securely log in to their personalized patient portal to view their lab results as soon as they are available. The portal allows patients to securely ask questions about their lab results and schedule an appointment with their doctor if they need to follow up over the phone or in the office.

Medical Practice Management Software

Lab results are only the beginning. There are other advantages to electronic medical records that doctors and patients love. Power2Practice’s medical software delivers the resources that physicians need to help their patients reach their healthcare objectives. The software enables doctors to engage in complete patient relationship management. Physicians are able to review entire patient histories through a single unified interface. Additional tools allow the healthcare provider to coalesce the data from all of their patients, including specialty labs results, to identify trends and determine the best treatments.