The Millennials are Ready for Digital Health Tools. Can You Deliver?

Power2Practice Integrates Technology with Patient EngagementThe 2015 “State of the Connected Patient” report analyzed how patients connect with their providers in addition to new requests for health care-related technology.

The report found that while traditional communication channels such as phone and appointments remain popular among older patients, the younger generation of “millennials” (age 18-34) want to use innovative digital tools to enhance their patient/provider experience and manage their health care.


From the report:

  • 71% of millennials surveyed said that they would like to use a mobile app to actively manage their well-being, preventative care, review health records and schedule appointments.
  • 73% said that they were interested in their doctor using a mobile device during appointments to share information, such as treatment protocols or education materials.

This is great news, because digital tools have the potential to significantly lower administrative overhead while improving clinical efficiencies!


In addition, of the 1,700 Americans surveyed (all ages), 40% said that they receive no preventative or ongoing health care information from their doctors, and only 6% use the web to track preventative care habits.

Could lack of modern technology be partially responsible for challenges in preventative care? We think so!


Take a look at the infographic below for more key findings from the report:


State of the Connected Patient Infographic
This data shows that technology has enormous potential for improving health management for people of all ages—not just millennials! From wearables that encourage more physical activity throughout the day to robust patient portals that provide health education and help track lifestyle habits, the future of individualized healthcare is bright.

Now is the time to revolutionize healthcare through the power of connectivity and information sharing.

As the first EMR designed for Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine, Power2Practice offers the innovative patient support tools and accessibility features that physicians need to educate, empower and activate patients of all ages.


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