May Webinar Recording: Discover Dried Urine Testing – The Latest Innovations in Hormone Testing

WEBINAR RECORDING: Discover Dried Urine Testing – The Latest Innovations in Hormone Testing


Listen to/watch the recording below and click HERE for the webinar handout.


During this webinar, Mark Newman, Founder and CEO of Precision Analytical, Inc. discussed the following:

– Introduction to DUTCH – the most comprehensive test for reproductive and adrenal hormones
– How DUTCH compares to serum, saliva and 24-hour urine testing
– Case studies to highlight the utility of DUTCH
– HRT Monitoring pros and cons
– DUTCH caveats – limitations and considerations for using DUTCH in practice
– 8-OHdG – oxidative stress and its ties to hormones


Webinar Recorded: May 16, 2017



About the Presenter:

Scientist Mark Newman is one of the foremost experts and an international speaker in the area of hormone testing. He has designed several hundred tests in multiple labs before starting his own lab, Precision Analytical, Inc. Mark has educated thousands of physicians on hormone testing and best practices. He has particular expertise in the testing of adrenal and reproductive hormones, especially as it relates to the appropriate monitoring of hormone replacement therapy. Mark has directed lab testing at multiple industry-leading hormone testing laboratories including Meridian valley Labs, ZRT Laboratory and Precision Analytical, Inc.


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