PRESS: Power2Practice Gains Momentum in the Field of Integrative Medicine

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P2P released an exciting announcement today. Read below to learn more!


OAK BROOK, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Power2Practice, the first EMR, patient portal and practice management platform to support Integrative Medicine, announced today that the business had achieved a significant milestone during the first quarter of 2017. The cloud-based software company is now firmly rooted in the Integrative healthcare industry, serving over 1000 providers and 300,000 patients who choose Integrative care. In addition, the company is proud to provide reliable support to busy, independent practices by responding to 98 percent of all customer service inquires within 30 minutes.

“In a short period of time, Power2Practice has emerged to be the leader in the EMR space for Integrative providers. We are proud to collaborate with them year after year as the preferred solution to our Integrative physicians,” said Doreen Brown, CEO of Tarsus Medical Group.

Integrative medicine represents a paradigm shift from traditional healthcare by using a whole-person approach that combines biomedicine with traditional, complementary and alternative healing modalities. Practitioners of Integrative Medicine employ a personalized approach while placing greater emphasis on building strong healing partnerships with their patients. During visits, Integrative practitioners typically spend a few hours with each patient as opposed to 15 minutes, as is the norm for traditional healthcare models. Patients who seek Integrative healthcare often do so after traditional medicine fails to meet their needs. Integrative practices typically see fewer patients in a day and many Integrative providers work outside of insurance-dictated treatment models, which opens the door to expanded diagnostics and individualized treatment plans that address multiple body systems at once.

Power2Practice was created when founder, Dr. Paul Savage, was looking for an EMR to fit his needs. No such software existed at the time, so he decided to create one. Since inception, the company has been focused on collecting provider and patient feedback regarding specific software solutions that are desirable for Integrative care. In addition, the company just launched P2P Connect, a virtual service that supports small, independent practices with every administrative aspect of their business, from appointments and phone calls to on-boarding new patients.

In the years that come, Power2Practice remains dedicated to seeking-out and aligning opportunities that bring greater value to Integrative practices and patients while strengthening the Integrative medicine community as a whole.

“We at Power2Practice would like to extend our gratitude to the practices and patients who have helped us reach these exciting milestones. We will continue to support the evolution of healthcare by providing technological tools that make it easier to practice Integrative Medicine, while in turn, making Integrative models more accessible to patients. In the next year, we plan to launch a number of innovative solutions to enhance efficiencies while significantly reducing practice overhead, such as aesthetics charting and a vitamin distribution center that will drop ship nutraceuticals directly to patients,” said Adam Puttkammer, President of Power2Practice.

Source: Business Wire