How to Grow Your Practice With IV Nutrient Therapy

Traditionally used in emergency room settings to replenish a dehydrated patient, IV nutrient therapy is quickly becoming a go-to remedy for a wide-ranging list of health complaints including fatigue, nutrient deficiencies and a low-functioning immune system. From celebrities to professional athletes to busy moms on the run, IV therapy has hit mainstream medicine and has already made a huge impact in office revenue among the arsenal of cash-based services integrative practices offer their patients.

The reason IV therapy is so successful is that patients can achieve immediate results, avoid the pitfalls of insurance-based medicine and bypass a traditional doctor’s appointment which may take months to schedule. Marketing your IV nutrient therapy services to existing patients, and the community in which you practice, can reap financial success for your practice and open the door to promote and sell your other cash-based services.

Here are some tips for marketing IV nutrient therapy services to grow your practice.

Identify Unique Selling Propositions

With each of the IV therapies you offer in your practice, create a list of patients who would benefit from each and occasions in which a specific IV therapy can be marketed, either for seasonal or situational purposes. Examples include:

  • Myer’s Cocktail: Asthma, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hangovers, migraines
  • Glutathione: Immune health, cold and flu season, detoxification, fatigue, athletic performance
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Diabetes, weight loss, dementia, liver disease

Focus the bulk of your marketing during times where influxes of patients enter your office, like the onset of allergy or flu seasons. Build your promotional and incentive strategy off of these peak times.

Market with Discounts and Promotions

Since IV therapy is a cash-based service, your practice can offer incentives and discounts, unlike insurance-based therapies. It is best to offer an introductory special to entice patients to try IV therapy versus discounts to those who already take advantage of them. For these committed patients, you may consider punch cards or packages.

Incorporate both in-office and digital marketing initiatives to reach a larger audience and to reinforce your message on multiple platforms. Consider posting your IV specials via:

  • Email Marketing: Tap into your existing patient base by utilizing one of the most cost effective means of advertising: email. Each week, highlight a specific IV therapy targeting common pain points, such as lack of energy or excess weight, and by targeting seasonal concerns like the upcoming cold and flu season.
  • Social Media: As a continuation of the message you create in your email marketing strategy, schedule similarly themed posts for your practice’s social media site. These posts are easily shareable amongst your followers and can help to spread the message of the services your practice offers.
  • Website: Create a page on your website that outlines your IV services. This ensures your office is locatable on popular search engines when potential patients are seeking these types of integrative treatments. It is also another opportunity to inform current patients who visit your website to access the P2P patient portal.
  • In-Office Signage: Optimize the time your patients are in the office by making visible promotional signs in the waiting area, in the individual exam rooms and near the front desk. Signs at each of these touch-points further reinforces your messaging and the likelihood of a patient inquiring about your services.

Marketing research indicates that messages are more effective when repeated multiple times. The more platforms you promote this message, the better chance you have at a patient taking action and scheduling an appointment!

Incentivize Your Staff

Creating healthy competition among staff members can help ensure IV therapy is mentioned to every patient that enters through your doors. Choose an incentive that will entice your staff to participate, such as a gift card or paid time off. Ensure your staff is trained and comfortable with providing a basic overview of the treatment process, so that the interaction is informative and helpful, rather than an aggressive sales pitch.

A great way to kick off a promotion, as outlined above, is to gather your office staff and fellow practitioners together for a luncheon or quick learning session, so that a consistent message is delivered and you can build excitement amongst your team.

Offer Referral Incentives

Once you have built your IV therapy patient base, or if you already have a thriving IV community and are looking to expand, consider creating a referral incentive for current patients. Reward these patients with a larger discount or a free IV session if they refer a friend or family member. Not only will this help to expand your IV patient list, it will encourage your patients to actively talk about your practice to their social circles, helping to promote your practice at-large and building your reputation in the overall community.

Cash-based services such as IV nutrient therapy are distinctive practice growth opportunities that you should take full advantage of in your integrative practice. The Power2Practice portal comes preloaded with over 30 up-to-date IV Therapy protocols to seamlessly integrative this growing wellness trend into your practice.


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