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Increase Patient Profitability

Liberate your cash flow and save up to 40% on labs, medical and office supplies, phone service and more!

Boost Patient Engagement

Empower your patients to take control over their health and improve outcomes with the advanced patient portal—where the new era of personalized medicine and technology meet.

Improve Office Efficiencies

Streamline your office operations with a cloud-based virtual office assistant, Emdeon’s electronic claims solution and a robust patient portal that will shave hours of administrative tasks off each day.

Support Clinical Processes

Streamline lab tests and treatments, e-prescribe, capture clinical data and enjoy round-the-clock access to a database of clinical decision tools created specifically for Integrative Medicine practitioners.

Best In Security

At Power2Practice, we use multifaceted, Tier 4 security measures to assure the protection of your patient’s data.

Contribute to Emerging Research

Use this platform to capture clinical data and report outcome trends to support your clinical research.

Is your practice optimized for maximum efficiency and growth? Find out now!
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Integrative Liver Detoxification Basics

An Integrative Approach to Liver Detoxification

By Jim Paoletti, B.S. Pharmacy, FAARFM, FIACP | Director of Education, Power2Practice A discussion of detoxification could include everything from spiritual cleansing to scientific and physiological detoxification. Detox includes Integrative methods ranging from fasting, colon cleaning and ionic food detoxification to … Read More

7 Steps to Integrative Sports Medicine Success2

7 Steps to Integrative Sports Medicine Success

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Medical GPO FAQ

FAQ – Medical Group Purchasing Discounts

  What is Medical Group Purchasing? Medical group purchasing is about saving money on what you already buy for your practice, simply by being part of a larger community—one that can negotiate wholesale pricing. There’s power in numbers! Hospitals, especially multi-location centers, … Read More

Oxytocin... Not Just for Sex!

Oxytocin… It’s Not Just About Sex!

By Jill Carnahan, MD, ABFM, ABIHM, IFMCP The hormone oxytocin is often referred to as the neuropeptide of “love and attachment.” Perhaps the least understood of the pituitary hormones, it has been linked to maternal-infant bonding, lactation, social behavior, trust, … Read More

“If I had to sum this up in one phrase, I would call this an integrated electronic medical software on steroids

–Dr. John Monaco, MD

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