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The Benefits of Strength Training for Perimenopausal Anxiety

Republished with permission from SottoPelle Mood changes, sleep problems, anxiety and feelings of doom are common in women who are entering perimenopause. Lack of testosterone is often the cause of these symptoms, but strength training can help! Perimenopause Often Triggers Anxiety Yes, younger women naturally product the “male hormone” testosterone, but in general, the amount is only… Read More »

Does She Really Need That Estrogen?

By Jim Paoletti, BS Pharmacy, FAARFM, FIACP Once a woman enters perimenopause and begins to experience symptoms such as hot flashes, It it often assumed that she needs estrogen. The truth is: A woman’s estrogen levels do not decline until the last 6 to 12 months of perimenopause. Furthermore, estradiol levels typically rise slightly when a woman… Read More »