Empower Your Practice

In a new practice…

Efficiency is key and time equals money. Launch lean with Power2Practice – the EMR platform designed by integrative medicine practitioners, for integrative medicine practitioners. With this platform, you will streamline efficiencies and reduce overhead while helping your patients better engage in their own healthcare.

Boost Efficiencies

Spend more time building your practice with patients and less time on administrative tasks and communication.

  • Color-coded task lists and reminders
  • Digital intake questionnaires (HIPAA secure)
  • Online appointment scheduling, confirmations, refill requests, and more
  • Robust patient-empowering portal
  • Specialty lab integration and bidirectional interfacing with regular labs
  • Automatic QuickBooks updating

Reduce Overhead

With exclusive group purchasing discounts, this platform practically pays for itself!

  • Save an average of 40% on labs, medical and office supplies, phone service and more.
  • Prescribe nutraceuticals with zero overhead costs using our drop-ship vitamin distribution center—30,000+ products to choose from, including exclusive physician-grade brands.

Empower Your Patients

Improve your outcomes with patients who are fully engaged in their healthcare. With the robust patient portal, your patients can:

  • Fill out questionnaires and health histories in advance
  • Schedule and confirm appointments
  • Order and pay for supplements
  • Request medication refills
  • Access treatment protocols and appointment summaries
  • Learn how to take medications and dietary supplements
  • Learn about their conditions through your educational library
  • Log daily health habits such as diet and exercise, then view their progress over time with a color-coded chart
  • Securely communicate with your office, and more!
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