Boost Patient Engagement

Engaged Patients Lead to Better Outcomes

Patient Engagement is a topic of great concern for those of us who engage in any aspect of lifestyle based medicine. We look for ways to engage people in conversation, share stories and help our patients take ownership of the personal actions that lead to better health.

There is considerable research showing that when patients feel they have received true value for their money, they return the favor in a number of ways: they schedule more appointments, refer family and friends, leave stellar reviews online and pay their bills in a more timely manner.

Power2Practice builds technologies that support physician-patient conversations and help to improve patient engagement in a number of powerful ways.

Cultivate Open Conversation With Your Patients

  • Empower and Support Patients with your presence! Good communication is two-way street. The P2P Patient Portal provides a convenient space for meaningful exchanges. As patients download and review their medical records, recommendations or treatment plans, they will feel more secure knowing they are in a relationship with your practice.
  • Answer Patient Questions quickly with a cloud-based server that goes wherever you do; an Internet connection is all that you need!
  • Secure Message Center – Feel confident communicating with your patients through a HIPAA-secure messaging center with Tier 4 security.

Helping Patients to Succeed is Easier

Educate, empower and activate your patients using P2P’s Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine specific patient portal, which includes:

  • Health Habits Tracking – Patients can log lifestyle and health habits such as diet, physical activity, supplement use, meditation, etc., in the portal and P2P will track their progress over time!
  • Treatment Plans – Patients can view, download and print their treatment plans.
  • Education Documents – Using the library database, patients can learn more about their health conditions and how to take prescribed medications and supplements.
  • Secure Message Center – Easily communicate with your patients through a HIPAA-secure messaging center with Tier 4 security.


Improve the In-Office Experience

Reduce the amount of time your patients spend filling out paperwork, scheduling appointments and communicating with your staff.

Using the patient portal, your patients will enjoy the convenience of online:

  • Intake Forms – From home, patients can input family health histories, fill out questionnaires and access their health records at any time of the day or night.
  • Lab Results  – Lab results (from ZRT, Genova, Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Dutch Test) are automatically uploaded to the portal, allowing your patients to view and print their lab results at home.
  • Appointment Scheduling  – Patients may request and confirm appointments with ease.
  • Appointment Reminders – Automated appointment reminder emails plus integrated online confirmations.
  • Rx Refills  – Patients can order refills and you can transfer the order to the pharmacy… without making a single phone call.
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Excellent Customer Service

We know how busy you are, so if your patients ever have trouble navigating the system, they contact us—not you. Our tech support help desk is available (during business hours) to fully support your patients with portal navigation and assure that they remain empowered, engaged and active in their own healthcare plan.

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