Transform the Way You Run Your Practice

Power2Practice delivers focused solutions for functional and integrative care.

Simplify your day.

P2P Core, our foundational EMR and practice management platform, provides streamlined services and tools that let you spend more time doing what matters most—caring for your patients.

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  • Comprehensive Patient Charting
  • Custom Compounds
  • IV Therapy Charting & Protocols
  • Aesthetic Charting

Keep patient information at your fingertips and effortlessly add notes to charts.

Create, save and e-fax your favorite custom compounds.

Chart, store and track IV therapies by patient and access 30+ up-to-date IV therapy protocols.

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Chart and track a variety of aesthetic services, including fillers and injections, with patient photos.

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Grow your practice.

Reach more patients, reduce overhead, and increase your profits—all while improving patient satisfaction.

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  • Integrated Billing
  • Affordable Payment Processing
  • Nutraceuticals In-Chart Ordering

View your fee schedule, invoices, and superbills; seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks; and easily submit claims.

Save money on every credit card transaction while simplifying payment for your patients and staff.

One-click nutraceutical ordering lets you earn recurring revenue with supplements sent to your patient's door.

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Delight your patients.

Empower your patients to stay connected and engaged with a lifestyle-based patient portal and services that inspire loyalty.

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  • Patient Messaging
  • Easy Access to Integrative Care
  • Scheduling and Refills
  • Online Forms

Send patients any message or document you upload through the patient portal.

Give patients easier access to their treatment plans, lab results, messaging, education tools, lifestyle tracking and more.

Online appointment scheduling and prescription refills.

Online pre-appointment intake forms and health questionnaires.