P2P Connect

Transform the Way You Run Your Practice

P2P Connect is a virtual front office assistant that supports every aspect of your practice, from scheduling appointments and answering calls to onboarding new patients, so you can focus on delivering personalized, exceptional care.

Save on Staffing Costs and Valuable Staff Time

Sidestep the financial burden of hiring new staff; P2P Connect covers your office from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm EST to field incoming calls to your practice. Best of all, your patients always talk to a live person, never a machine.

Increase New Patient Acquisition

A prospective patient’s first impression of your practice often occurs over the phone. P2P Connect educates on the benefits of Integrative and Functional Medicine and discusses services and costs, converting call traffic into new patient appointments.

Acting as your onboarding specialist, P2P Connect then walks new patients through the patient portal and intake questionnaire, improving compliance and optimizing the time they spend with you at their first appointment.

Improve Patient Engagement, Satisfaction, Loyalty & Referrals

P2P Connect books patient appointments, handles rescheduling or cancellations, and manages prescription refill requests, ensuring your patients have a positive experience at every interaction with your practice.

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