Practice Growth Solutions

We understand your unique needs and challenges as an integrative and functional medicine practitioner. It takes a lot to run a successful business which is why we’ve designed a robust Practice Performance System to support every aspect of your office in becoming more efficient and profitable.

Here are some of the tools our system offers to help you save money on supplies, increase staff productivity, better nurture patient relationships and much more!

Confirm patient appointments

Our expert team will take away the headache of confirming patient appointments, saving your staff tons of time. The best part—you only pay for what we confirm! Learn More

Automated patient retention

Keeping track of inactive patients is a hassle. Our team will schedule appointments for individuals you haven’t seen in a while, keeping your books full and your patients engaged. Learn More

Patient follow-up

Stop spending time tracking down patients! Our team will follow up with your patients to ensure their lab work is completed and that all follow-up appointments are scheduled. Learn More

Schedule Your Demo

To learn more about the tools our system offers, schedule a quick online demo with a P2P Account Executive!