Designed to enhance collaboration between pharmacies, practitioners and patients.

Power2Practice Supports Pharmacy and Practitioner Collaboration

Practitioners and Pharmacies are strapped for time and need clinical processes to be streamlined and as efficient as possible.

Between researching medication histories and ordering new compounded medications to helping patients understand how to use the medications they have been prescribed, healthcare providers spend many hours of unbillable time working hard to take care of their patients

Pharmacies are in an advantageous position to become a stronger resource for practitioners, helping to bridge the time gaps with creative solutions that facilitate efficient communication and timely patient support.

At Power2Practice, a team of Integrative physicians and technology experts created a robust HIPPA-secure Integrative and Functional Medicine EMR to address these needs and enhance collaboration between pharmacies, practitioners and patients.

As a pharmacy, you can use Power2Practice’s HIPAA-secure platform to strengthen your practitioner relationships, empower individual patients and strengthen the practitioner/pharmacist/patient triad.

Save time and money by greatly improving pharmacy consulting efficiencies.

e-fax compound and/or supplement recommendations directly to practitioners.

Communicate with patients or practitioner offices, if requested—through a HIPAA-secure messaging portal.

Gain access to advanced clinical tools and resources that support practitioners and patients, such as IV therapy protocols, metabolic monographs and other educational documents.

Closing The Loop

Our solutions-based software will help close the loop on the practitioner/patient/pharmacy triad, which has been shown to provide highly effective compliancy outcomes.
Power2Practice was Thoughtfully Designed with Patient Engagement in Mind
  • Empower patients with an engaging patient portal that supports lifestyle changes.
  • Reduce paper work and obtain information directly from patients with online Integrative-specific intake questionnaires.
  • Improve the healthcare experience with convenient online appointment scheduling and online Rx refill requests.
  • Reduce staff time away from pharmacy production with automatic appointment confirmations.
  • Communicate with your patients through a HIPPA secure portal.
  • Inform your patients about delivery status of their compounds.

Power2Practice Was Designed for Integrative Medicine!


  • Create, e-fax and save favorite custom compounds.
  • Access 30+ up-to-date IV Therapy Protocols, Metabolic Monographs and other educational tools.
  • Preloaded with 30,000+ nutraceuticals to choose from when charting.
  • Integrates with both conventional and specialty labs such as Genova, ZRT and SpectraCell (to name a few).
  • Color-coded calendar and patient preparation reminders.
  • Thorough training and onboarding.
  • Access to significant discounts on labs, supplies and more!

Strengthen the Global Movement to Accelerate and Validate

Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine with Power2Practice


The platform for collaboration in Integrative and Functional Medicine will continue to move rapidly. Through like-minded partnerships such as this, we hope to support the needs of pharmacies working in this space.

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Jamie Hecktman Pawlan, RD

Director of Program Development



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