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At Power2Practice, our first job is to help you feel confident in both choosing and using our EMR platform. We invite you to take a look at our new FAQ below and get answers to the most common questions that we receive.

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Power2Practice – FAQ


How much downtime should I plan for?

You should experience very little downtime (if any) during the conversion. Normal practice operations should occur during the training period.


Does Power2Practice offer free trainings?

YES – The training sessions are not only free, but also critical to a successful launch!

  • Plan for 4-6, 1-hour training sessions via GoToWebinar.
  • The training period generally lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on your preferences.
  • It can take approx. 2 weeks before trainings are initiated, allowing adequate time to plan ahead.

After the initial training sessions, you and your employees may access a comprehensive collection of training videos, available 24/7.


Will P2P migrate all existing patient data?

P2P will migrate patient demographic information, such as emails, addresses and phone numbers.

At this time, P2P’s data migration services do not include patient health histories, chart notes or lab reports. However, the P2P implementation specialists do provide lots of tips and tricks for populating this data.


How will I transfer specific patient data?

Each practices handles this aspect differently. One major benefit of using P2P is that your patients will be prompted to complete an integrative-specific medical questionnaire, which allows patients to self-populate much of their information using the patient portal, Power2Patient.


Are there upfront costs?

There are NO upfront costs with P2P.


Will I be locked into a contract?

There are NO long-term contracts – P2P is month-to-month!


Are there any possible hidden charges that come up?

There are NO hidden costs – P2P does not charge for email or basic startup support, nor does P2P charge per provider.

There are additional fees should you choose to use the electronic insurance claims processing company, Ebix:

  • Ebix charges a flat 7% of what is reimbursed.
  • As a complimentary service, Ebix offers a schedule review plus a market analysis for your area, which allows you to maximize practice profitability.


How customizable is P2P?

P2P is a very sophisticated system. During training, we will personalize/customize the system to meet your needs—all part of the monthly subscription fee!

Common areas of customization:

  • Calendar – Color-coding per appointment type and block-out dates/times
  • Patient notes templates
  • Lab panels
  • Optimal reference ranges for labs
  • Supplements – P2P comes with a list of 30K+ products to choose from, and we’re happy to upload anything else additional, even private label!
  • Compounds – For e-faxing


How long does it take to set up lab integration?

P2P will submit for lab integration on your behalf. Unfortunately, we cannot influence how fast the lab partners approve each practice (some lab partners can take up to 6 weeks to approve). Our best recommendation for quicker turnaround is to contact your local representative at the lab and request the integration. 


What if my patients have a hard time using the patient portal?

Our patient portal is intuitive and easy to use, but if your patients experience any difficulty, they can call our customer service team for assistance during regular business hours.


Do you have a software roadmap that will help my organization grow over time? 

P2P has a both short term and long term roadmaps. This roadmap is adjusted based on the need of our practices.


I understand that P2P clients receive discounts on office and medical supplies. What types of products are included?

P2P clients enjoy the following group purchasing discounts through Provista (not an exhaustive list):

  • Lab Tests at Quest Diagnostics
  • Electronics (Best Buy)
  • Computers and Monitors
  • Cellular phones and service (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon)
  • Office Products (Staples and OfficeMax)
  • Sanitary Items: Wipes, Hand Hygiene, Paper
  • Exam Room Equipment: Thermometers, Otoscopes & BP Cuffs
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Needles and Syringes
  • IV Sets & Solutions


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