Electronic Medical Records: Pros and Cons of EMR Systems

Finding a complete EMR software solution for your functional medicine practice

It seems that just about everyone in the medical industry is switching over to a new EMR system, but many are not fully informed about the advantages and disadvantages when choosing the right EMR software for their practice. Along with the federal mandates that require digitizing of a practice’s workflow, there is demand for speed and efficiency among patient and physician communication. What are the most important electronic medical records pros and cons you consider when choosing the right electronic health records software for your practice?

The Pros of Using the Right EHR Software

Faster Workflow

There are plenty of essential benefits to choosing an EHR software that meets your office’s needs. Having an electronic health records system enables for you to have a quicker access to your patient’s records. Because you will have information already logged in for your current patients, it will make the check-up process a lot quicker than ever before.

Not having fill out the same forms and information repeatedly will relieve the burden of that daily process. With Power2Practice, you can give your patients the option of filling out their paperwork ahead of time, before their appointment, which will reduce waiting room times. Our preloaded comprehensive histories, questionnaires and intake questionnaires that upload automatically to a patient’s charts, our EMR software allows you to streamline your check-up process, while also being able to send and print referrals with ease.
Improved Decision Support

Choosing an EMR software aligned with your Integrative or Functional Medicine practice is very important because there are certain features that are better suited for these fields of medicine. Because of the patient-centered nature of Anti-Aging and Integrative Medicine, it is imperative that your EHR software provides you with the best tools to communicate more efficiently with each patient.

Power2Practice is an EMR software that can adjust itself to your particular needs as practice as it serves as your very own virtual office assistant. With our special color-coded charts and calendars that you can organize according to provider or patient, you can keep all your customized notes and appointments neatly organized. Also, P2P allows you to set up tasks with due dates within your office, giving you the option to set up custom alerts. Our easy-to-use and customizable interface is the most efficient way to handle your office’s day-to-day updates, saving you time and money.

Enhanced Quality in Real-time Reporting

Instead of manually filling out your paperwork for each patient, for each check up, and adjustment made in their prescriptions or lifestyle interventions, you can now have it organized as an extension of your electronic health records system. What makes P2P even more beneficial to Integrative and Functional Medicine practices is the way our EHR software improves the physician’s workflow and supports the unique clinical processes inherent to these practices.

Of the EMR systems already available on the market, P2P was designed to speak the language and support the typical workflow of Integrative and Functional Medicine practices. You will find the most relevant information on your home screen. The color-coded tabs and customizable notes makes even quicker to filter and navigate through the most pertinent details for your patient. Physicians now can edit and update a patient’s health history in a more effective and direct manner. This proves to be a powerful resource when enhancing the quality of your reporting in an electronic health records system.

Increased Accuracy of Coding and Billing

With the cost of healthcare always rising, medical practices everywhere are looking to create an office workflow that is more cost efficient. One of the key benefits of having an electronic health records system is not only the physical space you save in your practice but the fully integrated system that simplifies billing and coding. Front office workflow will only be even more productive once all your data and documentation can be completely transferred to your billing system.

Your staff will greatly appreciate EMR training in exchange for not having to enter in data into two different systems ever again. Easily scan and upload all your referrals and consent forms to make readily available to anyone with access to the EMR system.

Integrative Interfacing with Specialty Labs and Registries

One of the greatest benefits of our particular EMR software is that P2P was designed with functional medicine, anti-aging, and integrative medicine needs in mind. As of now, Power2Practice is the only one of many EMR systems out there on the market that was specifically designed to meet the needs of these practitioners.

It is very important to have software that is fully integrated with specialty labs that cater to anti-aging science, since the options are currently limited. So the fact that P2P is already integrated with specialty labs such as Genova Diagnostics and ZRT, is a great advancement. Genova, which is an internationally renowned lab known for their efforts in researching integrative medicine, has the highest standards in consultation. This all-inclusive and comprehensive tool included in our electronic health records software, is a great asset for physicians who are in the business of preventative medicine. P2P continues to expand on its integrative interface (now currently in development) to include BioReference and HDL.

Safer Prescription Writing

Many EMR systems facilitate the prescription process by having an e-prescribe feature to submit your prescriptions online to your patients or other health professionals. P2P takes that important feature and makes it even more useful for your physician-patient engagement. Due to the fact that Functional Medicine is a field that encompasses many aspects of the patient’s lifestyle, proper use of your software with the proper EMR training of your staff can boost patient engagement exponentially.

Physicians working in Functional Medicine are aware of the benefits of having EMR systems, such as Power2Practice. P2P was designed to organize and facilitate lifestyle interventions as opposed to simply giving an acute diagnosis to their patient’s chronic illness. P2P is an EHR software that can help you track all the additional information required in relation to diet, exercise, health and medical history allowing for better diagnosis and ultimately better prescription.

The Cons of Choosing the Wrong EMR Software

Dedicating Time to EMR Training

No advancement in technology or operational changes has ever been met without some resistance. As with many other aspects of life, completely changing the way you work can be difficult to get accustomed to without the proper EMR training. Many times when physicians and healthcare professionals are disappointed with their EMR software, it is because they chose software that wasn’t fully integrative into their particular field of medicine. Especially when it comes it comes to functional medicine, anti-aging, and integrative medicine, your practice needs a program that is fully flexible and malleable to your office’s workflow and lifestyle based treatment.

When researching electronic medical records pros and cons, you must consider how easy navigation is on their interface is and how easy it will be for your patient to use the patient portal as well. P2P offers a bountiful supply of resources for your staff to learn how to use the EHR software most efficiently. On the Power2Practice website, you can find a series of product demos and videos that break down all the steps you need to know. Of course it is the time needed to invest in EMR training of a full staff of your medical practice that can make the task seem daunting. The more time you invest in EMR training, the more you can be assured that the workflow optimization your practice achieves will be completely worth it.

Safety Issues Concerning Electronic Medical Records

One of the downsides of modern technology can in fact be the ease of access to sensitive information on the web. Unfortunately, there are too many examples of private information being disseminated through the web because of hazardous internet habits, whether it is through failure of staff training or unsafe software practices. So how can you be sure that P2P is safest choice your practice and most importantly for your patients?

When discussing electronic medical records pros and cons, it is recommended that your EMR software uses a cloud-based system. Using a cloud-based system with Tier-4, bank-grade security, like Power2Practice does, is the best way you can have access to your patient’s information from any device with Internet access. While you analyze electronic medical records pros and cons, you must always give priority to risks of privacy issues and identity theft.

Another major safety concern is the loss of data that can happen when technical errors occur and your remote EMR software does not have the information backed up. Our cloud-based system is one of the key safety features P2P has, since it is a safe guard that allows for your information to always automatically be synced and backed up to your practice’s cloud. Power2Practice is an EMR system that best guarantees security for your patients with our bank-grade data security.

The Benefits of Choosing Power2Practice

P2P’s EHR software has a hassle-free design that enables your staff to have a greater accessibility to its many features that are already integrated with other billing systems such as QuickBooks and Emdeon’s electronic claims solutions. Integrating an EMR software with a simplified and effortless access to features such as your fee schedules, invoices, and superbills is nothing but necessary when trying to optimize your front office operations so that greater focus can be put on the patients themselves.

An electronic health records system like P2P can help facilitate data entry when dealing with ICD-10 coding, in return enabling for quicker reimbursements. Because Power2Practice has already built in fields and alerts, you can automatically decrease human error. Our EHR software can clean up your claims in the midst of the billing process, eliminating any chance of re-entering or incorrectly submitting coding for your patient’s reimbursements.

One of the most common reasons your reimbursements come out lower than expected, is simply due to incorrect data entry when working with coding. With the proper EMR training, your front office staff can avoid these costly mistakes. The best part is that these human mistakes are easily avoidable with Power2Practice, and your patients will be to enjoy a better office experience. Other than the obvious benefits that EMR systems can provide in terms of saving money on paper and toner, having a fully integrated system like P2P optimizes documentation. Our electronic health records system was a platform created for multiple people to easily have access to the pertinent information during the billing process.

Whether it is a billing clerk, a physician, or any member of the staff, P2P offers an integrative solution to find all the charts and copies of documentation and to be able to send to whomever needs it immediately.

In addition to providing a platform for better analysis of your patient’s lifestyle, P2P’s EHR software, allows for you to be able to educate your patients about their prescriptions and health goals. Through our specially designed patient portal, your patients can learn more about their particular health conditions. They can also educate themselves about how exactly their prescribed dietary supplements work, and how to take them and include them effectively in their new healthy lifestyles.

Of all the electronic medical records pros and cons, one of the greater advantages of having an electronic health records system is the ability to communicate effectively with other physicians outside your office. So with our HIPPA-secure messaging, you can continue to interact online with your patient and if they have an emergency or are travelling to another location, your office can communicate safely with another doctor to facilitate their patient’s prescriptions and health records.

There are many electronic medical records pros and cons to review when deciding the right software for your practice, and fortunately for Power2Practice, the EMR systems pros clearly outweigh the cons.