Contribute to Emerging Research

Changing the way we practice medicine depends, in part, on the research that Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine physicians conduct and publish. Detailed data capture, especially on the success of lifestyle interventions, is essential for documenting changes that patients experience by applying your treatment plans. Power2Practice creates a foundation for you and your patients to communicate about the ups and downs of establishing and maintaining a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Collect, Synthesize and Disseminate Research

  • Our initial Patient History Questionnaire is extensive and incorporates detailed information about the patient’s story, lifestyle and medical history.
  • Lab work, medications and nutraceutical product purchases flow directly into patient charts, allowing both physician and patient to see the whole story and watch for anticipated shifts.
  • Capture fields such as stress, sleep habits, exercise routine and diet choices can be used as a foundation for whole-systems practices to evaluate personalized interventions.

Engage Patients in Tracking Actions and Giving Feedback

  • Easy-to-use navigation tools and anytime access to personal records and educational resources facilitates supportive physician-patient relationships for improved clinical outcomes.
  • Power2Practice provides plenty of space to take notes and add commentary to captured patient data.
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Trust Us to Provide Tech Support to Your Patients

  • Our customer support team helps patients navigate the portal as soon as you give them access! With personal support from our team, patients are much more likely to enter data—and they won’t waste your time with technology questions.
  • As we encourage ongoing online participation, you’ll be able to gather scientific evidence, demonstrating that innovative approaches to chronic disease or performance optimization really work and make a difference.
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