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10 Ways to Create A+ Patient/Provider Relationships

There is one thing that the most successful practices have in common: a group of engaged patients who enthusiastically talk about their experiences among friends, family and social networks. Tweaking just a few customer service habits could lead to better patient relationships—the kind where patients advertise for you. Here are 10 simple ways to continue growing your practice… Read More »

5 Ways to Gain Patient Loyalty & Grow Your Practice

You have a singular daily focus: Improving quality of life for patients. Of course, your practice is also a business that needs to remain profitable. To be profitable, you need a steady stream of patients through the doors. Since many IM and FM practitioners run on cash-based models (vs. insurance reimbursements), patient loyalty and referrals are critical factors in creating… Read More »

Content Marketing: the Key to Integrative Practice Growth

Your online presence matters. According to a 2014 study conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, Americans do not think that information about the quality of health care providers is easy to come by, and they lack trust in information sources that produce such indicators1. The study showed that most Americans focus… Read More »

5 Ways to Build Your Practice’s Online Reputation

Written by the Power2Practice Education Team The Internet has completely changed the way that patients select physicians, especially for those seeking specialty or integrative care independent from insurance plans. According to a survey of 50,000 patients, 25% found their doctor online and made a decision to call based on online reviews. We believe that this… Read More »

6 Ways to Grow Your Practice’s Website Traffic

So, you’re excited. You’ve built the perfect website and you’re ready to start attracting more patients for your integrative medicine practice. A few weeks go by and reality begins to set in – you aren’t exactly getting the tons of attention you thought you would. It’s a situation many physicians find themselves in. It can be… Read More »

3 Ways Content Marketing Accelerates Practice Growth

Would you like a low-cost marketing approach that authentically communicates your values while building relationships and trust? If so, consider content marketing – an effective and timeless method that you can use to demonstrate your thought leadership and skill-set in personalized health care without sounding “salesey.” Content marketing can be defined as: “A strategic marketing approach focused on… Read More »

Create Fantastic Facebook Posts – A How-To for Medical Practices

In today’s high-speed world, patients are inundated with nearly unlimited access to health information —some good, some bad—across a wide variety of media channels. While you may not spend much time on Facebook, your patients probably do! A 2015 report from PewResearch showed that 72% of Internet-using adults in the U.S. spend significant time on the platform.… Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Optimize Revenue Potential in 2017

2017 is going to be a banner year for Integrative and Functional Medicine. Never before has our community of practitioners been so strong and demand for our services so high! Over the last couple of years, treatments like IV nutrient therapy and BHRT have undergone explosive growth in popularity and demand, presenting a number of… Read More »

5 Steps to Acquire Powerful Patient Reviews

The Internet is an influential global network that provides seemingly limitless information at users’ fingertips. A 2013 PewResearch report found 72% of adult Internet users have looked online for health information. From searching for facts on various conditions and treatments to seeking emotional support for a chronic medical illness, patients no longer rely on information… Read More »

7 Reasons Why Cash-Based Practices Work for Patients and Physicians

At Integrative and Functional Med practices all over the country, practitioners hear, “I wish you took my insurance,” from prospective patients on a daily basis. Many of us wish that we could! Yes, contracting with health insurance plans leads to increased patient volume, yet working with insurance companies ultimately: increases overhead costs… significantly limits the number and… Read More »

FAQ – Medical Group Purchasing Discounts

  What is Medical Group Purchasing? Medical group purchasing is about saving money on what you already buy for your practice, simply by being part of a larger community—one that can negotiate wholesale pricing. There’s power in numbers! Hospitals, especially multi-location centers, take advantage of group purchasing organization (GPO) programs every day. They purchase under a single… Read More »

Power2Practice’s Guide to Small Practice Profitability

For most physicians entering into non-conventional personalized medicine, constructing and applying the right business model can prove to be a challenge! Running a profitable practice isn’t always easy or intuitive, especially given the shifts in reimbursement, the costs of administration and longer patient visits that lead to lower patient volumes. We believe that establishing consistent daily… Read More »