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10 Ways to Create A+ Patient/Provider Relationships

There is one thing that the most successful practices have in common: a group of engaged patients who enthusiastically talk about their experiences among friends, family and social networks. Tweaking just a few customer service habits could lead to better patient relationships—the kind where patients advertise for you. Here are 10 simple ways to continue growing your practice… Read More »

3 Ways Content Marketing Accelerates Practice Growth

Would you like a low-cost marketing approach that authentically communicates your values while building relationships and trust? If so, consider content marketing – an effective and timeless method that you can use to demonstrate your thought leadership and skill-set in personalized health care without sounding “salesey.” Content marketing can be defined as: “A strategic marketing approach focused on… Read More »

Moving Beyond Holiday Stress with Healthy Social Connections

We see the negative effects of stress in almost EVERY patient who visits our office, especially during the holidays. Can you relate? While stress itself can be a positive force that pushes us to evolve and grow, in excess or (as is often the case) not effectively managed, stress can quickly deteriorate health. From family… Read More »

Webinar Recording: Wearable Health Trackers – Fad or Revolution?

Webinar Recording: Wearable Health Trackers – Fad or Revolution? Presented by Paul Savage, MD, FAARM, ABAARM Listen to/watch the recording below and download the slides by clicking here! Topics Covered: Wearable health tracker trends and predictions for the future. The types of data currently tracked. How patients like to use wearables to track health data. Who is using… Read More »

Do Your Patients Look to the Internet for Medical Education?

We love it when patients are engaged in their healthcare and seek to understand their conditions and/or treatments. Unfortunately most people turn to Google, which doesn’t always work out well. Health information obtained through the Internet is not always vetted or accurate, which means that we must spend considerable time helping patients “unlearn” false facts from the… Read More »

How Does Your Practice Score in the 7 Key Areas of Practice Development?

  After so many years in the industry, we have befriended many doctors who are great at focusing on the health of patients, yet struggle with practice development to improve their practices in the 7 key areas that matter most: Marketing Patient Engagement Finances Optimized Workflow Leadership & Staff Retail Products Supplemental Revenue/Referrals Power2Practice is… Read More »

Patients Look to Online Reviews for Healthcare Decisions

According to a 2014 survey of more than 2,000 consumers, online reviews hold just about as much clout as personal recommendations.  It should make sense, shouldn’t it? With the raging success of online review hubs such as Yelp and Software Advice, businesses that maintain a healthy internet relationship with the public stand to gain the… Read More »

Healthcare: There’s an App for That

Keeping up to date with technology can be downright exhausting. Data released in 2014 shows Android users have 1.3 million apps to choose from, while Apple users came in a close second at 1.2 million apps available. These numbers breathe life into the popular phrase, “there’s and app for that,” and are also showing that… Read More »

Who’s Really Behind the Increased Demand for Technology in Health Care?

The avenues in which healthcare professionals acquire and keep new patients has taken a turn in recent years. With the passing of legislation such as the Affordable Care Act, engagement has become a central focus of patient care. As the information age continues to infiltrate healthcare, providers must work to accommodate the demands of the… Read More »

Improved Engagement and Profitability with Patient Portals

If we were to rank integrative healthcare goals in order of importance for providers, it’s safe to say patient engagement would be at or near the top of the list. The concept of integrative medicine implies that a genuine relationship with patients is essential in order to adequately treat the mind, body and spirit. Often… Read More »

Patients Turn Interests to Convenience of Telemedicine

A visit to the doctor’s office usually involves planning time off from work, taking a child out of school and patiently sitting in a holding room while waiting to be seen. It’s the typical routine we’ve all become accustomed to. It’s expected.  But recently, healthcare providers have been making large advances in the technological realm… Read More »