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Quick Tips for Improving Clinical Admin Workflow

There are so many details competing for your attention throughout the day. Although most of them are minor, those frequent distractions make it easy to get off-track or run behind schedule, especially in smaller independent practices. As a technology company that strives to bring greater efficiency to integrative medicine practices, we at Power2Practice know that the more organized… Read More »

Did You Know? P2P Comes Preloaded With Turnkey IV Therapy Protocols!

Are you ready to add IV Therapy Protocols to your practice or update the protocols that you’ve been using? IV Therapies are well suited for Integrative Medicine practices as an efficient way to introduce high-dose nutrients to the body. As opposed to oral nutraceuticals, IV Therapies bypass the digestive system for rapid absorption and assimilation in… Read More »

Add or Enhance IV Nutrient Therapies in Your Practice

Do you offer, or have you considered offering IV Nutrient Therapies in your practice? Because certain disease states reduce the capacity of nutrients to get in (and stay in) cells—where they are needed the most—oral nutrient administration may not be effective. For these patients, intravenous nutrient administration is the best way to achieve therapeutic nutrient concentrations.… Read More »

Do Your Patients Look to the Internet for Medical Education?

We love it when patients are engaged in their healthcare and seek to understand their conditions and/or treatments. Unfortunately most people turn to Google, which doesn’t always work out well. Health information obtained through the Internet is not always vetted or accurate, which means that we must spend considerable time helping patients “unlearn” false facts from the… Read More »

How Does Your Practice Score in the 7 Key Areas of Practice Development?

  After so many years in the industry, we have befriended many doctors who are great at focusing on the health of patients, yet struggle with practice development to improve their practices in the 7 key areas that matter most: Marketing Patient Engagement Finances Optimized Workflow Leadership & Staff Retail Products Supplemental Revenue/Referrals Power2Practice is… Read More »

5 Tips for Improving Clinical Admin Workflow

Even in small practices, there are many details that compete for attention, making it easy to get off-track or run behind schedule. The more organized and streamlined your processes are, the better your patient and staff experiences will become! Happy patients are more likely to pay on time, leave favorable reviews and send their family… Read More »

Healthcare: There’s an App for That

Keeping up to date with technology can be downright exhausting. Data released in 2014 shows Android users have 1.3 million apps to choose from, while Apple users came in a close second at 1.2 million apps available. These numbers breathe life into the popular phrase, “there’s and app for that,” and are also showing that… Read More »

Rules of Engagement: Avoiding Healthcare Security Pitfalls

America is witnessing a growing number of patients turning to alternative forms of health. With this heightened awareness of integrative or complementary health, legislation such as the non-discrimination clause in the Affordable Care Act was a significant step toward getting other care professionals to acknowledge the far reaching benefits of holistic healing.  Mandating that health… Read More »

Patients Turn Interests to Convenience of Telemedicine

A visit to the doctor’s office usually involves planning time off from work, taking a child out of school and patiently sitting in a holding room while waiting to be seen. It’s the typical routine we’ve all become accustomed to. It’s expected.  But recently, healthcare providers have been making large advances in the technological realm… Read More »

Increasing Revenue with In-House Dispensaries

Generating profits for a small practice can be much easier said than done.  Adding the hurdle of operating as a cash-based office makes the feat even harder to accomplish.  While many start-up practices are struggling to keep their doors open, providers are working overtime to figure out how to drive business on a consistent basis.… Read More »

Apprehensive about EMRs? Consider these pros and cons before you commit.

Electronic medical record (EMR) platforms have gained considerable traction over the past 10 years. The number of practices using a platform increased 168% between 2006 and 2013, and 78% of office-based practices implemented an EMR platform by the end of 2013. Trends in EMR implementation from 2001 to 2013    SOURCE: CDC/NCHS, National Ambulatory Medical… Read More »