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5 Ways to Gain Patient Loyalty & Grow Your Practice

You have a singular daily focus: Improving quality of life for patients. Of course, your practice is also a business that needs to remain profitable. To be profitable, you need a steady stream of patients through the doors. Since many IM and FM practitioners run on cash-based models (vs. insurance reimbursements), patient loyalty and referrals are critical factors in creating… Read More »

How to Build a Thriving Medical Referral Network

Would you like to build a network of thriving referral partnerships? Use these tips and suggestions below to formulate a master plan and executable checklist. First of all, focus on the right partnerships and clearly outline what’s “in it” for them—as well as for you! The goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships that last.… Read More »

3 Simple Ways to Optimize Revenue Potential in 2017

2017 is going to be a banner year for Integrative and Functional Medicine. Never before has our community of practitioners been so strong and demand for our services so high! Over the last couple of years, treatments like IV nutrient therapy and BHRT have undergone explosive growth in popularity and demand, presenting a number of… Read More »

Moving Beyond Holiday Stress with Healthy Social Connections

We see the negative effects of stress in almost EVERY patient who visits our office, especially during the holidays. Can you relate? While stress itself can be a positive force that pushes us to evolve and grow, in excess or (as is often the case) not effectively managed, stress can quickly deteriorate health. From family… Read More »

5 Ways to Empower Staff Members & Build a Cohesive Team

Medical schools do a great job of teaching clinical skills, yet many of us graduate largely unprepared for the demands of leading a practice team. Along with skilled practitioners, a practice’s success relies on having a cohesive team of professionals who not only know their role, but also feel comfortable making independent, on-the-fly decisions. Here… Read More »

7 Reasons Why Cash-Based Practices Work for Patients and Physicians

At Integrative and Functional Med practices all over the country, practitioners hear, “I wish you took my insurance,” from prospective patients on a daily basis. Many of us wish that we could! Yes, contracting with health insurance plans leads to increased patient volume, yet working with insurance companies ultimately: increases overhead costs… significantly limits the number and… Read More »

FAQ – Medical Group Purchasing Discounts

  What is Medical Group Purchasing? Medical group purchasing is about saving money on what you already buy for your practice, simply by being part of a larger community—one that can negotiate wholesale pricing. There’s power in numbers! Hospitals, especially multi-location centers, take advantage of group purchasing organization (GPO) programs every day. They purchase under a single… Read More »

Power2Practice’s Guide to Small Practice Profitability

For most physicians entering into non-conventional personalized medicine, constructing and applying the right business model can prove to be a challenge! Running a profitable practice isn’t always easy or intuitive, especially given the shifts in reimbursement, the costs of administration and longer patient visits that lead to lower patient volumes. We believe that establishing consistent daily… Read More »

6 Ways to Build Patient Loyalty & Grow Your Practice

Healthcare providers have a singular daily focus: improving quality of life for patients. However, your practice is also a business that needs a steady stream of patients through the doors. When it comes to ensuring the vitality of your business, patient loyalty plays a significant role.   Building loyalty is not a sprint, but a… Read More »

Do Your Patients Look to the Internet for Medical Education?

We love it when patients are engaged in their healthcare and seek to understand their conditions and/or treatments. Unfortunately most people turn to Google, which doesn’t always work out well. Health information obtained through the Internet is not always vetted or accurate, which means that we must spend considerable time helping patients “unlearn” false facts from the… Read More »

Medical Group Purchasing 101

If you have ever walked through the doors of a wholesale club like Sam’s, Costco, or BJ’s, you know group purchasing. However, group purchasing power for physicians is different than buying forty-gallon jugs of toothpaste. We are going to introduce you to the power of group purchasing for the medical community. Medical wholesaling isn’t focused on membership… Read More »

How Does Your Practice Score in the 7 Key Areas of Practice Development?

  After so many years in the industry, we have befriended many doctors who are great at focusing on the health of patients, yet struggle with practice development to improve their practices in the 7 key areas that matter most: Marketing Patient Engagement Finances Optimized Workflow Leadership & Staff Retail Products Supplemental Revenue/Referrals Power2Practice is… Read More »