Revolutionary EMR Software for Medical Anti-Aging Systems

Many physicians are providing their patients with access to anti-aging systems and medical rejuvenation programs to support healthcare needs. Doctors use regenerative medicine to help their patients lead longer and healthier lives. These state-of-the-art biotechnological modalities and clinical tools incorporate a holistic approach to prolonging the human lifespan and improving vitality.

Effective anti-aging systems are not just about looking and feeling younger. These advanced techniques often integrate a variety of modalities that include both traditional and innovative therapies. Many patients who are treated for anti-aging want more than just vitality and a longer life. Therefore, many physicians also offer their patients access to additional treatment modalities such as acupuncture, adrenal fatigue treatments, bio-identical hormone therapy, massage and medical weight loss. These treatments have become so popular with physicians and their patients that many doctors have even opened specialized medical spa facilities that focus solely on aesthetic medicine.

All Doctors, Including Those Offering Anti-Aging Systems, Must Go Digital

Healthcare clinics and medical spas have begun moving toward using electronic medical records. These changes are being driven by several federal mandates, but physicians should also use this opportunity to improve patient engagement and office workflow.

Power2Practice partners with physicians to satisfy the requirements to provide EMR files and create a patient portal. For healthcare practitioners, this software can also be used to communicate with compounding pharmacies, nutraceutical suppliers and even specialty labs such as ZRT. Lab results are received online and posted to directly the corresponding electronic medical record.

P2P is the only EMR software system that is endorsed by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). Other software amenities include a comprehensive pre-loaded new patient questionnaire, automatically generated patient alerts for office visits, online prescription ordering, HIPAA-secure messaging, and billing support that is compatible with popular financial software such as Intuit’s Quickbooks for accounting and Change Health’s Emdeon Claim Master® for processing electronic claims.

Physicians who provide conventional healthcare alongside niche treatments, such as anti-aging systems and other specialized medical services, can utilize a single patient chart with our software. By consolidating all of the patient’s information into one EMR, a doctor can review their patient’s history at a single glance.

Multifunctional Patient Portal Technology

Healthcare professionals often find it challenging to communicate with their patients outside of the normal office visit. The advantage of portal technology is that it provides a secure platform whereupon patients can begin interacting with their medical providers. Patients are empowered to request prescription refills, schedule appointments, and view their EMR online. Doctors who cater to specialties such as anti-aging systems can provide information to their patients about the benefits of new treatments, procedures and supplements that would help them reach their healthcare goals.