Power2Practice’s Guide to Small Practice Profitability

For most physicians entering into non-conventional personalized medicine, constructing and applying the right business model can prove to be a challenge!

Running a profitable practice isn’t always easy or intuitive, especially given the shifts in reimbursement, the costs of administration and longer patient visits that lead to lower patient volumes.

We believe that establishing consistent daily practice habits can help build and grow a healthy bottom line. Step-by-step, you can effectively balance compassion, firm pricing, clinical attention and administrative efficiency.

At Power2Practice, we’re passionate about accelerating and validating Integrative care methods, for better outcomes across all measures. In support of this effort, we created a robust set of complimentary practice development tools and resources specifically for our community of Integrative, Anti-Aging and Functional Medicine practitioners.


Take our complimentary online Financial Assessment to see how your practice is doing, then download our free resources and start improving your profitability today!



Power2Practice Supports the New Era of Individualized Medicine


Better for Practitioners

  • Significantly improve office efficiencies and practice profitability
  • Streamline documentation with custom notes templates and an automated medical note generator within patient charts
  • Integrates with specialty labs, compounding pharmacies & Fitbit wearables
  • Boost patient engagement and lifestyle tracking in a HIPAA-secure environment


Better for Patients

  • Online intake paperwork and health questionnaires
  • Reduce no-shows with online appointment scheduling and confirmations
  • Preloaded with online health education and Rx administration instructions
  • In-portal health education and easy lifestyle tracking: activity, sleep and stress


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