New in P2P! Order & track in-office vitamin & supplement sales!

The design of our new vitamin and supplement feature is complete! This first phase of the vitamin and supplement feature is for in-office ordering of products only, and will be live on Saturday, October 10th, 2015.

  • Enjoy easy ordering, tracking and integration of vitamins & supplements into the patient chart.
  • Improve efficiencies – save time, eliminate paper and reduce hassle!
  • Keep patients on track and streamline information with easy-to-understand materials right in their patient portal.


Get step-by-step directions on how to use this great new feature in the how-to videos below!




The Highlights:

Get Set Up

  • First, your customized product list is uploaded into your software to easily click and select. If you are live on P2P now, these products should already be there. This feature is as easy as ordering labs and medications!
  • To get ready to use this new feature, group your products so that you don’t have to click and select each one when it comes time to place an order for your patient. Assign a name to each vitamin/supplement regimen common to each diagnosis so your system is ready to go.


Order for a Patient

  • Click and select the pre-designed regimen or click and select individual products. You can add new products “on the fly” when necessary!
  • Enter specific directions regarding how often, how much and under what conditions to take each supplement for each patient. Jot down comments in the space provided if desired.
  • Product orders are visible on the encounter form and invoice, and as usual, information flows easily to the patient portal for at-home access.
  • Patient education materials and product information is easy for the patient to print out or read on screen on the ‘Patient Portal Medications & Supplements’ tab.
  • Staff members that educate or promote products face-to-face can easily print out materials to accompany each purchase.


Follow Up with Patients

  • Historical information for each order is easy to find on the patient chart, so anyone at the practice (with access) can answer questions or check what directions or products the patient received.
  • Use P2P tasks to set reminders to check in with patients and watch your messages for incoming questions!


As always, we continue to look for new ways to support each of our practices and equip each team with tools that enhance each patient’s life along with resources to deliver successful, lifestyle-based medicine. Thank you for choosing P2P!


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