New Release: Fee Schedules

Fee Schedule Release –  May 21th

We are excited to launch the new Fee Schedule.  Below are two short training videos on the new features. 

Fee Schedule – Adding Fees to Procedures, Office Services, Labs, Meds, Vitamins, and Diagnostic Tests

Learn how to add the fees you charge to:

  • Procedures
  • Office Services
  • Labs
  • Medications
  • Vitamin and Supplements
  • Diagnostic Tests

These fees will  appear on the invoice when ordered from the application.

How To Export Your Fee Schedule

  • Learn how to export your fee schedule
  • View your current and historical fee schedules


As always, we continue to look for new ways to support each of our practices and equip each team with tools that enhance each patient’s life along with resources to deliver successful, lifestyle-based medicine. Thank you for choosing P2P!


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