Do Your Patients Look to the Internet for Medical Education?

We love it when patients are engaged in their healthcare and seek to understand their conditions and/or treatments. Unfortunately most people turn to Google, which doesn’t always work out well.

Health information obtained through the Internet is not always vetted or accurate, which means that we must spend considerable time helping patients “unlearn” false facts from the blogosphere–and most of us lack the time that it takes to do so!

If you struggle to adequately educate patients while maintaining optimal workflow, we can help…


The Power2Practice EMR platform comes preloaded with comprehensive education solutions, The Metabolic Monographs, that are accessible to both providers and patients from inside the software. 


‘The Metabolic Monographs’ educational tools were created by an expert editorial board:

  • Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA
  • Jim LaValle, R.Ph, MS, CCN
  • Pamela Smith, MD, MPH
  • Laura LaValle, RD, LD
  • and Ernie Hawkins, R.Ph


The Metabolic Monographs include 1000+ downloadable and printable:

  • Vitamin/herb monographs for physician and patient education
  • Disease monographs for providers


Use these up-to-date tools to effectively educate and empower patients without spending an excessive amount of time doing so!

  • Visit our Global Library and select the educational PDF documents that you want to use.
  • Upload the selections to your Practice’s Library, which patients can access easily through the patient portal.
  • For a more personalized approach, upload specific documents directly to the Patients’ Private Library along with their treatment plan.


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