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IV Nutrient Therapy is the latest “health hacking” trend

From executives seeking a cognitive edge to party-happy millennials wanting instant hangover cures, IV Therapy is the perfect way to add supplemental revenue to your practice. Popular treatments such as detoxification, cognitive enhancement, anti-aging & illness recovery, can bring an extra $100-400 per service.

P2P includes 30+ IV Protocols

Power2Practice makes it easy to implement IV Nutrient Therapies and expand your offerings with 30+ pre-loaded core IV protocols created by renowned experts, Mitchell Ghen, DO, and Paul Anderson, NMD, including up-to-date formula changes & standardized, robust treatment sheets.

Created By Mitchell Ghen, DO, and Paul Anderson, NMD

Printable protocols from experts Mitchell Ghen, DO, and Paul Anderson, NMD include Myer’s Cocktail, Nutrition & Cell Energy, Detoxification Support, Neurological, Cardiovascular, Immune – Infectious and more!  All at your fingertips.

Easy To Track and Store

We also make it easy to store and track IV therapies by patient to increase efficiency and boost your revenue potential.

Power2Practice is Unparalleled in Features & Functionality Designed Specifically For Integrative Medicine

Watch this short video to learn more about our turnkey software solution or CLICK HERE to see our Integrative-specific features.

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